What’s cooking this week

One of my favorite places to go for nice cooling Kolsch on a hot summer night and some great grub is the Wrecking Bar, located in little 5. Chef Terry Koval and the boys really know the secret to “Gastropub” fare. They just rolled out their new menu this week and it is awesome! The best part about “farm to table” restaurants is that the menu is always changing based on what they get from their farms, and these guys have a great farm constantly supplying the kitchen with new and vibrant flavors with which to experiment. Head over and find a new fave.


Krog Street Market

FREE WINE! Like we do on every Tuesday, Hop city at Krog street market is offering a free wine tasting with some of the best wines you’ll find in the city, and ITS FREE! This week they are featuring wines from “Field Recordings” from Paso Robles. This stuff is totally the nerdy wine drinkers dream! They will be opening all kinds of cool bottles including one of the store favorites, the Dry hopped Pet Nat (which can ONLY be found in the Hop City store!!!!) You don’t want to miss this one folks!



This place is such an EAV gem. Whether you’re in the mood for delicious vietnamese, or bao, or kickass geechee vegetarian dishes or even some Moroccan fare, We Suki Suki’s got you! This little “global grub collective” is located right in the middle of East Atlanta Village and has never let me down. Check out the website for each individual pop up/restaurant that features some tasty treats there. I fully believe we need to see more spaces like this opening everywhere to showcase a perfect snapshot of our cities culture and talent.


Krog Street Market

Buzzfeed is coming! The film crew from Buzzfeed will be all around the Hop city store and bar from 6-8pm and are hoping to catch avid fans of beer, spirits, wine and the overall idea of drinking. They will be interviewing and hanging out so bring a friend and have your beer nerd/enthusiast energy ready to go, and don’t forget to hit them with that sweet sweet ATL charm.



Never one to hold back on great new releases, The Porter will be featuring some very special keg tappings from “Heaven and Ale / Variant Brewings” out of our neighbors to the north, Chattanooga Tenn. These guys have a nice wide range in their brewing style and are sure to wow you with some new IPAs and other summer crushables!

SUPREMO SUPREMO SUPREMO! Supremo is coming everyone! Rock star Chef Duane Kulers and resident cocktail heartthrob and sonic architect Omar Ferrer will be launching this amazing pop up at the Spindle for the week to ready everyone for their up and coming concept off of memorial. These guys know exactly what the people want when it comes to flavor and ambience so run don’t walk to this incredible offering of delicious mexican street food. This place is sure to be the next taco-topia!


Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez