What are we eating this week? April 9 – 15

Hey everyone! Hope you found some tasty happenings in the city last week. Atlanta just keeps getting better and better with that food love!



This one goes out to all my beginner somas out there. If you aren’t already taking advantage of this, you should be.
Both of the Barcelona locations offer 1/2 off on their bottle list all night long! Be sure to stop in with nice group of friends and get some delicious wines. everything from killer albariños and vine verde to robust and fragrant riojas, and prioratos!


Krog Street Market

Still can’t stress enough how important it is to taste wine and educate yourself on all the things you love about it.
get on this
(http://hopcitybeer.us1.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=34f20006487ba67ab7ea73d35&id=fd0acdd7e2) wine list for cool features and new additions to their vast bottle list!

This day marks the beginning of the pop up spree weekend! Start with EatmeSpeakme, as I said before, Chef Jarret Stieber and his entire team are always pushing the envelope to bring you delicious fine dining creations with out all the frills, just a good clean focus on the food.
(weds – Sat, 6pm-11pm)



Japanese street food is often over looked in the pantheon of all things Japan, based on the strong emphasis on the sushi and noodle cultures of some of the more chic and explosive new restaurants to have surfaced in the new american pan-asian fusion market, but it still remains some of the best out there and often re-imagined or reinturpretted, and this is right on the money! Popping up at a few locations, Ok-Yaki, does a great job of reintroducing us to the fluffy, crunchy, gooey, crispy, sweet and savory favorite Okinomayaki! These guys are also trying to focus on a few other Japanese faves so try everything and thank me later!

I will never stop promoting the idea that Thai food is simply the best food and that @talatmarket si simply the best guy doing it in the city! With his ever changing and rotating menu you’re sure to find a new favorite every time.
Go to this as soon as you can!

Don’t miss one of my fave chefs in the city, James Murphy, continues to stun diners by tapping in to his Korean roots at his incredible pop up. Truly, this man could have some of the best Banchan in the city!


Crawfish + Cocktails

For some of my major social butterfly types out there, here is a great event happening at Empire State South! A crawfish boil sponsored by Garden and Gun magazine. None stop food, drink and patio fun with live music from Sweet Crude for $95 a person! This promises to be super sweet Louisiana-style party!

VAS Picks:
Another trek up our beautiful buford highway landed me at one of my new favorite places to slake my desires for all things soup and sandwich, Quoc huong! Easily one of the best Bahn mi Ive ever had, and they make incredible soups (not just pho). Branch out and try some Mi Quang, hailing from the Quang Nam Province in the central part of Vietnam. The dish eats very much like pho with flavors focusing on a balance of sweet and savory and of course the salad of sprouts, basil, lime, and jalapeño and wide assortments of sauces, oils and vinegars, make this soup just as versatile and fun as any Pho. This was an incredibly affordable meal and incredibly delicious!

ALSO: Did you know;
That by volunteering at some of our amazing local farms you can often trade labor for produce? spring has definitely sprung (even though the weather would have us believing other wise) and there are plenty of ways to get farm fresh vegetables and amazing produce by helping out a little bit, or simply by signing up for a CSA.
Check out some of these farms and get some this delicious food and cook an amazing meal!


Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez