What are we eating this week?! April 16th – 22nd

Hey all hope last week was fun and delicious!

Free Day


Krog Street Market

The Hop City at Krog St. has  a new Wine director and she is great! She is showcasing a lot of New world and American Styles of wine right now, so as I have said in previous weeks, this is one of the best things I can think of doing from 5:30-7:30 for FREE!


After wards head up to El Rey del Taco on Buford Hwy for some delicious and amazing tacos. All their tacos are made by hand pressing masa and they are amazing! They also make their own table hot sauces and salsa. This place has such a charming and authentic aesthetic, and you can’t beat the price. I challenge my readers to branch out and try some cuts that are made outside your comfort zone. You may be surprised to find that Lingua (tongue) tastes like the best roast beef you’ve ever had, or that Cabeza (head) is loaded with more magically flavors than a box of lucky charms! Be bold and branch out!

Go get your Japanese fix on at Shoya Izakya. This is one of my favorite places to take a big group of friends who love sushi and Japanese fare. Izakaya is essentially the Japanese equivalent to say a greek diner meets a gastro pub. Izakayas have extensive menus featuring lots of different foods to try, and Shoya doesn’t disappoint. This long time Atlanta staple continues to deliver, grab an order of tako wasabi, a raw octopus preparation that is so simple and tasty, or the beef tendon stew, this little dish is a bowl full of incredible textures with comforting familiar flavors.
INDUSTRY SECRET: (if you are planning on sitting at the sushi bar)The key to the best sushi experience here is to bring the sushi chefs/kitchen some beers. Stop and buy a case of beer on your way over (don’t be cheap, but don’t break the bank) wait for an opening at the bar, take a seat and hand your chef the beers and thank them for all their hard work. Don’t be surprised if you find little treats and secrets as you dine, for instance, after eating a scallop from the shell the chef will remove the shell from your plate and create a small dashi (seaweed broth) out of the remains in the shell, its incredible!

This one is an absolute treasure. Tucked in to a little space in a large shopping center, Yong he Zhi jia is a taiwanese restaurant that has some the absolute best xiao long bao (soup dumplings) Ive ever had! They also have a lot of other fun foods to try but the menu is laid out much like a takeout menu and is very nondescript, all of the traditional and interesting food is listed under “Healty foods.” This is where you will find their incredible pork skin dish  or some of their amazing noodle dishes. it takes some asking but its worth the awkward conversation. Break down that Language barrier and enjoy!

As a Thai fanatic I will continue to push this pop up as much as possible! Rotating lots of different dishes with the best and most authentic thai flare, Chef parnass Savang is a force to be reckoned with in the Atl food scene. Also your time to visit this place as a “pop up” is running out! He has begun his campaign to raise funds to open a brick and mortar location in Summerhill! If you feel so inclined there are now options for investing! Do it! Every little bit helps and having this creative and cultural temple of food as a permanent fixture in Atl is exactly what we need!

Lets get into some Korean Options!
@Anjuatl is still running the game as far as Korean deliciousness is concerned! A delicious pop up held at the Grant park Revelator  location, and created by the very talented Chef James Murphy. Murphy features some of his childhood favorites and also some of the very best banchan (assortment of pickled tiny dishes) I’ve experienced!

With the weather in Atl jumping back and forth from hot to cold, SoKong Dong has us covered with its boiling hot tofu soup options and some incredibly good Namyang. Namyang is a soup that is served ice cold (often times with ice in the broth!), with delicious arrowroot noodles and crunchy fresh veggies like cucumbers and asian pears, garnish this dish with white vinegar and yellow mustard and enjoy!

Hae woon Dae (doesn’t have a website! –  https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g34905-d445105-Reviews-Hae_Woon_Dae_BBQ-Doraville_Georgia.html)
This place is a little bit of a hidden gem. It is very much in the same vein of Korean BBQ restaurants like Iron age or Han il Kwan but its a little lighter on the price. There are no frills at this place, its straight forward and humble, but man is it delicious! Bring a group of 6 or more to really experience a savings. Order Everything and enjoy making little lettuce wraps packed with flavors on flavors!

Nothing says “sundays” like a Full day of eating and drinking. Stay in the East Atlanta Village for an entire sunday and live your wildest hipster dreams! Wake up late and grab some “Dunch” at the Earl. The huevos rancheros is delicious and goes great with a tecate and lime. Head over to Flat iron after and grab a PBR and some delicious pancakes! These guys may look all punk rock on the outside but they have a great little brunch! Finish up your sunday at Midway Pub with darts or board games and shrimp and grits or biscuits! These east Atl “shot and a beer” late night favorites have soft sides that show on sundays and are often over looked.
Sometimes its the simple things that make a Sunday a great day in the “A”.

Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez