What Are We Eating Now April 23 -29?

I hope everyone had a happy 4/20 weekend and found some delicious munchies!

Wine nerds! Come out to Barcelona for some half priced bottles! Seriously one of the only places doing this incredible offer. Sample some delicious priorat, rioja, vino verde, or malbec for half the price! Bring some friends and have a blast!

Is for Tacos!
El Progreso 4.4 114 Google reviews Grocery Store Address: 1460 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30315 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM Phone: (404) 624-4774
– Head to El Progreso Carniceria for some amazing tacos. At first this will come across as a sketchy bodega out near the prison, but I assure you, this place has some of the very best and most authentic tacos in Atlanta. Be sure to get the Tacos al pastor here! They are perfect!
– Next. Go OTP (just a lil bit) to Smyrna and grab some tacos at Tacos La Villa. These guys are in an old quiznos and are killing it! I can’t get enough of the Cabeza (head) and Lengua (tongue) tacos here. They also have plenty of salsas and toppings to make your meal amazing!
– A little Buford Hwy trek should lead here to La Pastorcita where they always have delicious Tacos and if you are here late enough a rogue mariachi band shows up to serenade your hangover away! A secret treat here is the cocktail de mariscos (seafood cocktail). I know it seems odd to grab seafood this far inland but this one is so good. A mix of squid, octopus, shrimp, and fish, prepared in a ceviche style covered in sweet tomato sauce and lime.  It always reminds me of the delicious cocktails I had while visiting Oaxaca when I was young!

– This is the last week to take part in “Bites of the Beltline.” Golden Eagle, Muchacho, and Ladybird, are donating 10% of total sales of all items sold on Wednesdays to benefit the Atlanta Beltline partnership! Eat and drink at any of these spot and you’ll know that you’re making a contribution to building on to one of the city’s most beautiful attractions!


– Join Cooks and Soldiers for a delicious wine dinner with wine by T. Edwards wines, and an incredible 5 course menu of authentic Spanish cuisine curated by Exec. chef Matthew Ridgeway. At $80 a person this is a deal! The food is great and the staff is excellent. Don’t miss this one!

I always like to save my midweek for ramen.
– I know these guys are in a lot pf places but its hard to find a better use of the ever popular BK Favorite “Sun Noodles!” They offer several different styles of delicious noodle bowls and every time I’ve come each one has been delicious! Try them all!
Wa.Ga.Ya. on 14th street is one of my favorite spots to stop in at lunch and grab delicious bowl of chukka ramen! Chukka is a chewy noodle style (generally curly) and just so good. I always order the red Tonkotsu with double portion of noodles and extra raw garlic on the side. Trust me, this is the best way to have it! The garlic, dissolves in to the hot broth and the aromatics are blissful.

Feeling like a get away but can’t really afford it? Let SOS tiki bar and the delicious stylings of Chef Jarret Stieber transport you to a different place. The space feels like a tiki lounge from a 1960’s Don Ho dream. The cocktails here are always a huge hit for me (dare you to take down more than 2 Zombies!) and Jarret is such an incredible chef, this is a don’t miss all weekend long!

Midway Pub in EAV is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! These guys always have great beers on tap and tons of fun games and this event is sure to be one for the books! Starts around 4pm after the home game and goes until close! Cheers To Midway Pub! Heres to another 10 years!

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is get a huge group of friends together and get some dimsum! Oriental Pearl is easily one of my favorite places to do this. The staff is incredibly attentive and hospitable. The food is delicious, they have some of the best shumai dumplings, and amazing radish cakes! Don’t be afraid to increase your dining experience by ordering off the menu as well as getting all the amazing dimsum. These guys are secretly destroying the noodle dish game. Anything with noodles here has always been an explosive crowd pleaser for me!

Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez