Weekend Comedy Round Up! – May 10th thru May 13th

Atlanta has one of the best comedy scenes in the country and here are a few of the shows this weekend where you can go see for yourself!

Drop Up Video – Friday, 5/11 – 8:00 pm –  Relapse Theatre
Comedians mocking pop culture ala talking over music videos is hilarious and cringe inducing as you wonder “Who made this awful video”? Host Justin Thompson peppers things up with games and challenge rounds and you never know who may drop in for a set.
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Kill and Be Cool Jam Sessions – Friday, 5/11 – 10:30 pm – Relapse Theatre
‘Kill And Be Cool Jams Sessions’ fuses live music with improvisational stand up comedy.
Hosted by Anthony Driver, with some of Atlanta’s best comedic talent provide you an experience that pushes boundaries, gives you joy, and keeps you present to the moment.  It is also funny.

You Look Like ATL – Saturday, 5/12 – 5:00 pm – Laughing Skull Lounge
You Look Like is a comedy roast battle where every joke starts with the phrase “You look like.”  Cutting the the core of insult comedy, watch comedic peers and friends go deep on what’s on the surface Hosted by and Atlanta favorite, Ben Popkin, this show will be filled with the hugest laughs and sickest burns.

Grrrls Nite Out  – Sat, 5/12 at 8:00 pm – Highland Ballroom
It is the mother of all female driven comedy shows, Grrrls Nite Out brings out the best female and the occasional male comedians to packed out audiences.  Hosted by the brilliant Amber North, this event showcases the amazingly talented women in the Atlanta comedy scene and beyond.

Ian Aber

Author: Ian Aber

Ian Aber is a writer and stand up comedian out of Atlanta Georgia, His comedic style mixes stand up and fast paced story telling, drawing the audience into his outsider view of the world. Smart. Engaging. Energetic and Sweaty are all words used to describe him. Ian is one of the producers of Date Night, every second Tuesday at Argosy, Teen Dream: A High School Themed Variety Show, Back Story : Comedic Storytelling and Conversation every Thursday at Relapse Theatre at 8pm and Surrogates : You Tell The Jokes & The Comedian Pulls The Strings monthly at Relapse Theatre.