TWiMsday : Tues March 21 – Fri March 24


Hello! It’s good to be back, sorry about last week, I was being dumb and super stressed out, won’t happen again. So now that we’ve discontinued the daily “what’s going on posts” I’ve decided to list all of the musical things that I find and highlight the ones that I think are worthwhile, rather than just listing a few. Because of that, TWiM will probably be a lot longer than normal, but hopefully y’all can find some music related thing here, instead of sifting through the daily posts for things I wouldn’t have written about.Sidenote, how about Atlanta United, huh? It’s so exciting to have a soccer team here that people actually care about, I really hope we can keep it up! Anyway, here’s the rundown of the week, it’s deceptively busy, good luck deciding.

Tuesday, March 21

The Price is Right, Live! at the Fox Theater : 7:30 : it’s balls expensive, check out tickets here

  • I don’t know, this seems interesting enough to include it, good luck?! Get some prices right?!

Dude York, PAWS, The Hotels, & The Hernies : 529 : 9pm : $8

Also, this isn’t music related, but if you’re vegan (or even if you’re not!), go to Cameli’s at 6:30 to participate in a “takeover” to show them how much you appreciate their vegan options! 20% of the event’s proceeds go to The Humane League!

Wednesday, March 22

Introduction to Arduino : Freeside : 7pm

  • If you’re interested in programming or music production or homebrew of any sort, definitely check this out. PSA from the event: IMPORTANT AND REQUIRED: A laptop computer with WiFi is required for this meetup, since the IDE must be downloaded and installed. We will do this during the meetup.

No Joy / Twin Studies / The Fear of Heights : The Masquerade : 7pm : $10 : all ages

  • Twin Studies are one of my very favorite local bands, this is looking to be a killer night. Bring a date then ignore them and gaze at your shoes the whole time.

SOHN : Terminal West : doors @ 7pm : $17 – $20 : 18+

  • SOHN makes really chill indie beats. Check this out if you like How to Dress Well, the recent Bon Iver record, James Blake, stuff like that

Controllerise : The Music Room : 9pm

  • $2 shots, tacate and tacos, but it’s also billed as a place to promote your business and “open mic style beat sets.” Both of those seems super annoying to me, but it’s your call. Might be worth it for the cheap drinks.

Thursday, March 23

Flasher, Death Stuff, Bitter, LVH : Drunken Unicorn : 9pm : $5 : 18+

  • Death Stuff and Bitter are two local bands that both rule so this is absolutely worth a trip to the Unicorn, especially because it’s only five bucks. This is lookin to be a great night!

Blues / Opera / Art : Atlanta Contemporary : doors at 6pm

  • This is definitely the most unique event on the menu this week. Three completely different artists coming together to make music “that will undoubtedly awaken the divine Mother Universe.”

Pleasures, Cinema Novo, Weary Heads : The Earl : 8:30pm : $8 : 21+

Friday, March 24

DKA / Elon Katz / TWINS / Anticipation / Oni : Eyedrum : 8pm

  • Definitely go for TWINS, absract and emotional pop music, related to Pyramid Club somehow and they absolutely rule.

Rodney Henry / Black Cat Rising / Sash the Bash : Star Bar : 9pm : $8

  • I will always mention Sash the Bash, she kicks ass like no other! Check this out if you want your rocks rolled. The others sound good, too, I just love Sash so damn much.

Chief Scout / Material Girls / Neighbor Lady & Blanko : Mammal Gallery : 9pm : $7 : 18+

  • I like mammal a lot and this seems like a very nice thing to go to on a Friday night!!!

***Clavvs / Thrice Groove / Navigator*** : Aisle 5 : doors 9pm : $10

  • As much as I love Sash and Mammal, this is definitely the show to go to on Friday, Clavvs rule on another level. They’re described as “hypnotic alt pop // spectral trip hop”, and while that seems goofy, they absolutely deliver, this show is gonna be fun as hell, y’all. I will try my best to be there. Seriously, I have no doubts about them getting to Phantogram levels famous, you need to see them before they’re selling out the Tab. This is the show to see, no question.

Hopefully y’all find something you enjoy! I’m gonna try my best to share events that I think are worthwhile as often as I can. I care about the Atlanta music scene so much and all I want to do is share it with as many people as I can, so thanks for sticking around and trusting us. Again, don’t hesitate to send us pics you take over the week, we’d love to put them on instagram or facebook or here or wherever! Thanks, again, see ya in a couple days for the weekend update.


This week’s album is Number 1 Angel by Charli XCX. Oh, you don’t like pop music? Well, this is the kind of mixtape that says “screw you, I don’t care what you think.” That’s Charli’s whole thing and, ya know, it works. She doesn’t give a shit about you, and I think that’s why people enjoy her so much. She has everything any popstar has, she could be the next Top 40 darling, but she wants to curse in her songs, talk about sex, get drunk, take weird photos, and not be a pop star. She just wants to be famous and make badass, catchy music. More power to her. Spotify, youtube playlist

Number 1 Angel – Charli XCX


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