TWiM: A Beneficial Saturday

this is Nick’s art, it’s amazing and i love him

Hello! Are y’all having a good week? Mine has been very weird, but that’s neither here nor there. Nothing that some good music can’t fix. I have some non music related events here, too, just because I think they’re super cool and I still feel bad about the lack of daily updates. Not sure if any of us have the time to bring something like that back, but we’re still super thankful that y’all continue to trust us and read about what we think are the best events Atlanta has to offer, it means so much. So, here’s Saturday! There is so much to choose from, good luck and have fun!

Saturday, March 25 2017

This Saturday is nuts, here we go.


  • All proceeds to RAINN, a very important non-profit dedicated to working with victims of sexual assault, and so many people have volunteered their talents for the weekend, it’s impossible to list them all, but I can gaurantee that if you want to support a wonderful cause, hear some fantastic local music, and have a smile on your face for hours, this is the thing to do. It goes through sunday and, again, so many people are playing it’s staggering.

Cherry Glazerr at the Masquerade : 7pm : $13

  • with IAN SWEET and Lala Lala. “$1 to planned parenthood!” I don’t know if they’re literally only giving one dollar to planned parenthood or if one dollar from ticket goes to them but either way, it’s a good thing. And they’re all good bands and the masq is a good venue and this seems like a good thing to do on a saturday night!

Artists’ Studio Auction at Facet Gallery : 7pm

  • I have to bump this because my friend Nick Benson
  • is auctioning his original ink of the European Run the Jewels poster! It’s ORIGINAL ART. So if you’re balls rich or like bidding on the coolest things in the whole wide Atlanta world, you absolutely need to be there. It’s original Run the Jewels art. And honestly, just Be happy hat I didn’t steal it from his desk before he could sell it.

The Black Women’s Happiness Project : Parlor : 7pm

  • I have zero authority to say anything about events like these so I’m gonna copy/paste their description, it sounds unbelievably inspiring and I couldn’t be more proud.
  • Join Parlor for Felicia Garcia’s The Black Women’s Happiness Project for One Night Only: Black women often take the role of taking care of everyone. They take care of their families, friends, spouses, partners, children, their friends’ children, etc. On top of that we bare the weight of living at the intersection of racism, sexism, and often classism, and homophobia. So, we then have to mend the feelings of everyone around us that have a preconceived notion of who we are. What I hope people take away from this series is that it is possible for black women to thrive. Even if we’re not there yet, searching for that inner peace and joy is a fruitful way to live.”

Metropolis at The Strand

  • Go see one of the greatest movies ever made.

Hank and Cupcakes! at Star Bar with The Pinx : 9pm : $10

  • Y’ALL. Y’ALL. I saw Hank and Cupcakes because my friend Xander said “hey come see this show with me they’re good” and it turned out to be one of the most fun shows I have ever seen. It’s the cutest couple making the most glorious and fun and loud music that you’ve heard. They also recently had a child so I can’t even begin to imagine the pure joy that this show will bring you and Hank and Cupcake.

Mutual Jerk / Femignome / Casual Tiger at Eyedrum : $5

  • More benefit shows! All profits from this show are donated to The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s largest Islamic civil liberties and advocacy group. If that wasn’t good enough, all of these bands kick ass (I’m a huge fan of femignome) and for five bucks? damn, y’all, good luck deciding what to do.

COFFIN CLASSICS : Amsterdam Atlanta : 10pm : $10

  • Apparently this happens every fourth saturday of the month and this is “Atlanta’s only goth / industrial / dark 80s video dance party!” I don’t know if they’ve ever been to my apartment after I watch The Guest, I’m sure I could give them a run for their money, but this sounds super fun!

HAPPY SATURDAY! There’s so much to do! Good luck deciding. Also, on Sunday, definitely check out Nerdlanta, it’s so much fun, y’all, and Kris is a very lovely human being.

I don’t really have a pick for this since it’s a post for just one day and I have to work and can’t make it to anything, but Nophest and Hank and Cupcakes get my vote.

Have fun, y’all!


Album of the week is still Charli’s Number 1 Angel, it’s amazing.


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