TWiM March 6 – March 12 : Always Watch the Opening Bands

Hello! Did y’all make it to Japandroids on Friday? What a killer show! apologies to the people standing in the back with us, I hope my poor sing/shouting didn’t bother you too much. And how about the Variety’s renovations? I know that’s old news but I hadn’t seen the new look yet, I’m into it! It seems like they took some inspiration from Terminal West while still keeping true to their own character, I’m looking forward to seeing more shows there!

So, I’m going to try to expand this column a little, go into more detail about my personal highlighted events, and feature some artists that I think are worthwhile. I might start a separate Featured Artist page and to make them less temporary, since these articles are kind of pointless once the week is over. We’ll see! First up is:

Emma Ruth Rundle!

  • Emma is a powerhouse, playing in three prolific bands while consistently releasing solo work, it seems like she’s always on the road, in the studio, or on stage. Her recent album, Marked for Death (which I highlighted last week!), is a must-listen for anyone interested in post-rock, shoegaze, melancholy, and brooding on rooftops. She’s currently on tour in support of the new record, opening for a couple of my favorite Very Loud Bands, Deafheaven and This Will Destroy You! More info on that show down below. Following the success of her band Red Sparowes, she started a new group, Marriages, while also focusing on her solo work with the sublime 2014 release, Some Heavy Ocean. Since then, we’ve seen the second Marriages’ album, Salome, two more solo records, Electric Guitar: One and Marked for Death, and most recently, a split EP with Jay Jayle called The Time Between Us (spotify link), and Emma shows no signs of stopping, thank god. Each new record is better than the last, but they’re different enough to hold their own. Her voice, melodies, and lyrics have a unique blend of confidence and fragility, very similar to how her music is as much doom as it is folk or ambient and country; a perfect balance of slight, careful reverb, and unrelenting distortion. It seems like she can do it all, so don’t miss her prove it this week when she plays with Deafheaven. And check out this interview she did with one of my favorite magazines, She Shreds!


Deafheaven, This Will Destroy You, Emma Ruth Rundle at The Masquerade : Tues March 7 : 7pm : $18 : all ages

  • This is going to be loud. And if you haven’t been to the new Masquerade location yet, I can’t recommend a better show for your first time. This is the kind of line-up the Masq was built for, it’s going to sound amazing and you will not be disappointed. Protect your hearing, wear earplugs.

Thundercat at Terminal West : Tues March 7 : 9pm : $15 : all ages

  • Have y’all heard his new album, Drunk, yet? It is weird and I love it. Maybe metal isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Maybe grooving to strange and self deprecating hip hop/funk/soul about anime and leaving your wallet at the bar is your thing. If you’ve ever fantasized about Tokyo, you’d probably enjoy this show.

Nasty Women Fundraiser at Mammal Gallery : Wed March 8 : 8pm : suggested $10 donation : 21+

  • “Come dance yourself nasty!” This is a fun(d) dance party to raise fun(d)s for Mammal’s upcoming Nasty Women Exhibition this summer! Support local artists and dance with cool people and stuff!

Captured! By Robots w/ Michael Myerz at The Earl : Thurs March 9 : 8:30pm : $10adv $12 DoS : 21+

  • “Two kick ass robots, one stupid human!” C!BR have been making loud and fast music since 1997 and they are very good at pummeling your head area with noise. Michael Myerz “Rocky Horror Hip Hop” and he has, like, 18 or 19 albums to back that up. It’s pretty dang true in the best way. He performs a lot, but this one is gonna be extra special, I have a good feeling! Listen to his most recent release, Jewnami. Or maybe watch this music video! Or both!

Jewnami – Michael Myerz

Resist: Celebrating Womyn’s Herstory Month at Star Bar : Thurs March 9 : 10pm : $free : 21+

  • Another dance party to support feminism! Doesn’t get much better than that. “Sliding Scale suggested donations $5-$15 that will go towards building up Rotten Peaches in order to throw future events for queer womyn in Atlanta.

Cindy Wilson of The B-52s Artist Signing at Criminal Records : Fri March 10 : 6:30pm

  • Pretty self explanatory! Come hang with Cindy Wilson, bring some stuff for her to sign, and help her celebrate the release of her new EP, Supernatural. Heads up, in order to attend, you must purchase Supernatural or her album, Sunrise, so swing by earlier in the day to do that. I’m quite sure you could do it at the door, though. Don’t forget to catch her later that evening at Venkman’s for her album release show!

Ballbreakers, The Cherry Bomb, and Sash the Bash at Smith’s Olde Bar : Fri March 10 : 8pm : $10adv $13 DoS $60VIP

  • I’ll be honest, I have no idea what a vip ticket to Smith’s gets you, but anyway, this will be kick ass. Ballbreakers are an all-girl AC/DC cover band, The Cherry Bomb are a Joan Jett cover band, and Sash the Bash is an all around, all the time badass. They’ll rock your socks off, no doubt.

Pallas, floral print at 529 : Sat March 11 : 9pm : suggested $5-$7 donation : 21+

  • And finally, some great new-ish local flavor to round out the week! I’m gonna try my best to get here, I’ve heard good things about Pallas and floral print are always great. Heads up, this one will absolutely be super packed so get there early!
A Bloody One Year Anniversary & Full Moon Gathering at the Casa Nova : Sun March 12 : 8pm : $10 suggested donation : 18+
  • Even more feminist stuff! Wow!
  • JOIN US IN CELEBRATING ONE YEAR OF PERIOD PRODUCTS! Our community has grown and blossomed so beautifully in such little time. We are deeply grateful for the support we’ve received from all of you. With your help we’ve provided menstrual care for hundreds of homeless with periods throughout Atlanta. Let’s sing, dance, laugh, and embrace our way into another year of working tirelessly towards hygiene access for all.”
  • I have no idea what a Full Moon Ceremony & Bonfire entails, but it’s probably something pagan and fascinating. No alcohol or tobacco consumption during the ceremony itself, but it’s chill once it finishes.
  • There are quite a few groups playing, including the magnificent Femignome and Cuntry!!
  • Every human deserves hygiene

Thanks for reading, I hope y’all find something fun to do! Again, please don’t hesitate to send me some pictures, I’d be more than happy to post a couple next week so everyone can know what they missed out on. Have fun!


This week’s album is Shake Electric by Swedish band Spiders. This is rock n roll, y’all. Put on some leather pants, real or imaginary, and listen to this before you go out, I guarantee you’ll be at least four times as badass and confident as you would have been otherwise. Need some fuel to talk to that cute boy? Need some anger to punch that idiot boy? This record is here for you! If you like Heart, you’d love this, I’m sure. Official site, Spotify, Facebook, Cool Music Video


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