TWiM : Feb 6 – 12

Hey y’all! sorry this is late, I was out of town all weekend, worked all day, and whatever, excuses are lame so let’s get right into it.

GosT at the Drunken Unicorn – Tues, Feb 7 : doors at 9 : $13/$15dos : 18+

  • I’m not sure if y’all are familiar with this strange rise of 80s-synthwave-goth music, but it’s huge. Some call it “outrun”, I think that’s a weird name, but regardless, it’s the music you want to hear while you’re walking in slow motion wearing sunglasses with blood all over your leather jacket. Stranger Things definitely helped promote it, but the game Hotline Miami and movies like The Guest and Drive really brought it to the forefront. If you’re interested in that, do not miss this show! GosT is right up there with Perturbator and S U R V I V E (of Stranger Things and The Guest fame), and it is sure to be one gothy, wild night. Bring a skull, if you have one. This will probably be the most absolute insane bonkers show you’ll see in a good bit, as long as you’re in the right headspace *heart emoji*

Big Sant, Redcoat da Poet, Panama Jane at 529 – Wed, Feb 8 : doors at 9 : $8adv/$8dos : 21+

  • “Leave that country shit to us.” If y’all are even remotely into southern hip hop, this show is gonna be so god damn insane. Big Sant rules SO hard, Redcoat rules SO hard, and based on this lil vid, Panama Jane will rock y’all, no doubt. Jacob Waddy and El Don open.

Rick Astley at Center Stage – Thurs Feb 9 : Doors at 7 : $35 adv/$39DoS : all ages

  • um. Rick Astley is playing Center Stage? This show is so bonkers weird that it absolutely needs to be mentioned. Why is he on tour? Why Center Stage? Did the other, larger venues reject him or did his agent know that he wouldn’t draw a big enough crowd so they got Center Stage on an off night? I have no idea but holy shit, if you have forty extra bucks and a free Thursday night, please go. Please. I need to know what happens.


Tedo Stone at The Earl! Thurs Feb 9 : 8:30 : $8 adv $10 DoS

  • Good ol’ southern boys playing good ol’ southern rock n roll, y’all, they’re always so much fun. I’m probably going to this one. My recommendation if you’re trying to prove to someone that you can hold your liquor.

***Friday Feb 10 – a couple of things!!

  • Pop Weirdos at the Mammal Gallery! They only have one song online (as far as I know) but it sounds pretty good! Not a bad way to go for your Friday night. It’s only $7 and all the other bands sound great to me, so if you’re looking for something a bit different for a Friday, this is the way to go. Definitely my recommendation if you’re trying to prove to someone that you’re actually cool.
  • ATL Collective play Sade’s Love Deluxe! The Collective ALWAYS kills it, so if you’re a Sade fan or an ATL Collective fan (or both, which is the correct answer) definitely check this out. My recommendation if you’re trying to prove to someone that you have taste.

SATURDAY! Feb 11, got two more for ya

  • The Dandyls at Rowdy Dowdy! 9pm : donations, probably : byob, probably : One of my absolute favorite local bands at one of my absolute favorite places. It’ll be a strange night, that’s for sure, but you will not be disappointed. Dowdy nights are always a blast and The Dandyls will deliver some glorious melodies and lovey dovey vibes. This is good third date material. If they think this is too weird, they’re not worth it, trust.
  • Hanks and Cupcakes at The Earl : 9pm : $10 : I saw Hanks and Cupcakes at The Earl once before and it’s still one of the most fun shows I have ever seen! Unbelievable energy and passion mixed with super fun dance rock music. Like Matt and Kim but more punk. Everyone at this show will have a smile on their face.


  • BIG FREEDIA PUTS ON THE BEST SHOW. $20 is a steal, do not care about your monday hangover, it is not important, see Big Freedia and dance your ass off, you will not regret it.

I hope y’all find something to do, have fun!


The album of the week is Blur the Line by Those Darlins. It’s kind of “dark country” but I mostly suggested it because I went to Nashville this weekend and listened to them a bunch. They’re real good. Unfortunately, this was their final record, but it’s still worth putting out there. Spotify


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