TWiM : Feb 27 – Mar 5


Hey y’all! I hope you had fun last week, I definitely did. Louie Louie were fantastic and friendly on Tuesday, the house shows were so much fun and passionate (we raised over $600 for the Feminist Women’s Health Center at the Twin Studies show!!) and Thelma and The Sleaze killed it Saturday! Couldn’t have been much better, honestly. This week is a bit of a slow one rounded out by a couple great shows on the weekend, but I don’t mind too much. I should probably take a bit of a break, maybe go see some comedy or nerd stuff instead of a show! Perhaps Comedy & Curls!

If you want to go dancing, 529 has you covered. DKA Goth Danse (same people who brought Boy Harsher) on Monday the 27th for your goth, industrial, coldwave fix and DOROTHY on Tuesday the 28th if ya want to click your heels (even if you’re not a friend of Dorothy). Those sound fun! Aside from that, we have singer-songwriters Leon at Vinyl on Monday the 27th and Jesca Hoop at Terminal West on Tuesday the 28th. Both sound lovely! That’s about it until the weekend, so here’s that.

***JAPANDROIDS at Variety Playhouse*** : Fri March 3 : Doors @ 8 : $23 adv/$26 DoS

  • I can’t wait for this one! Two best friends who love nothing more than to bang on drums, strum thunderous guitars, and get us all fired up are storming through friday night and if you have even an ounce of love for bands made of raw energy, I wouldn’t miss this. I lived and died by Celebration Rock a couple years ago, still do every now and then, and their new record, Near to the Wild of Life, kicked this year off in quite an emotional and chaotic way for me and I’m looking forward to seeing all their fire on stage, finally. I’ll have a big stupid grin the whole time.

Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs at Alabama Symphony Hall : Fri March 3 : 8pm : $40 – $125ish

  • If you love emotional music but maybe not garage rock so much, maybe check this out. This is Alan Cumming’s cabaret show where he sings, well, sappy songs. They all mean a lot to him and from what I know about Alan Cumming, he’ll be sure to have some good stories to tell about why he chose some specific songs. He is a phenomenal entertainer and you won’t be disappointed. “Bring a hanky.”

Pinups: A Bowie/Ronson Tribute at Avondale Towne Cinema : Sat March 4 : 8pm : $10

  • PINUPS is an authentic rendition of the music made by “rock God” David Bowie and his legendary guitar player Mick Ronson, between the years of 1971 & 1976. It is a colourful, tongue in cheek, but full tilt, accurate live account of the classic songs they recorded together, during those fabulous five years.

Big Brutus Album Release Show at The Earl : Sun March 5 : 8pm : $10

  • Big Brutus is so dreamy and plays gorgeous folk-inspired music with a dash of glitchyness and bit of a southern twang, but as soft and delicate as can be, you’ll be floating on air by the time he’s done with you. The is Big Brutus’ final Atlanta show for the indefinite future and Sorry Mom! Production’s final Atlanta show before Ari moves to New York forever! So come on out, lose yourself for a bit, and say so long, you won’t want to miss it.

Big Brutus

That’s about it, I’ll definitely be at Japandroids and Big Brutus. Also, we have a couple other things in the works here, hopefully I don’t screw anything up! Next month is lookin’ to be a busy one! Have fun


The album of the week is Marked for Death by Emma Ruth Rundle! Very gloomy, ambient, doom-folk. She’s playing here soon, too, so keep an eye out for information on her show! spotify, bandcamp


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