TWiM: Feb 20 – 26 : Rad Women

Big thanks to Rebecca Price for the artwork!

Hey y’all, sorry this is late. Anyone make it to the DEATH show on Monday? Let me know how it was! We have a busy week ahead of us.

***Louie Louie at The Earl*** : Tues Feb 21 : 8:30 : $7 adv (I assume $10 at the door but I’m not sure)

  • This Philadelphia based group Louie Louie is sure to put a smile on your face and a groove in your heart. I highlighted their new album, Friend of a Stranger, last week but if you didn’t get a chance to listen to it yet, definitely come out and see them! They seem super charming and their surf/psych style tunes are infectious, I can’t imagine anyone leaving the show unhappy.

Cousin Dan Karaoke at Gaja : Wed Feb 22 : 10pm : $free

  • I love Cousin Dan and karaoke and soju and pbr so I had to mention this. If you’re not familiar with Cousin Dan, he’s pretty much a one man party and makes for one of the best karaoke hosts. He doesn’t do this too often and I’m not sure when the next one will be so check it out if you’re interested. And it’s a good reason to go to Gaja if you’ve never been!

Twin Studies, Floral Print at TGI Salamander’s : Thurs Feb 23 : 8pm : House show, donations

  • Atl shoegaze sweethearts Twin Studies are joining up with Floral Print, Neighbor Lady, and Nowhere Safe to play some lovely music for y’all and collect donations for the Feminist Women’s Health Center of Atlanta! So come out to listen to some shoegaze, dreampop, mathy rock, and post punk and support a wonderful organization! 717 Woodward Ave SE

Victor St. Baloo at The Casa Nova : Fri Feb 24 : 9pm : $5 : 1399 Park ave se

  • This is gonna be sweet, like a croissant and coffee in the morning with pals rather than a cool trick on a skateboard. If you enjoy acoustic guitars and charming and goofy people, I’m sure you’ll be entranced, probably laugh, maybe even cry! Very special, very groovy. Lisa/Liza and Greef are both from Maine, so who knows if you’ll ever have another chance to see them! As far as I know, Loudermilk & Moon don’t play too often, either, so this is not one to miss. Check the event page on Friday for the address, but I’ll update it here, too.

Thelma and the Sleaze at Star Bar : Sat Feb 25 : 9pm : $10

  • These gals rule. I saw them during a spontaneous trip to Nashville a couple weeks ago and they made it absolutely worth the drive. If you’re into stoner metal, amazing covers of Alone by Heart, or rad ladies being rad, don’t miss them! They always put on a killer high energy show with fun banter and maybe even some jokes!
  • Atlanta singer-songwriter Tony Levitas his friends have been playing together for about thirty years or so and they have a new rock n roll band! They’re getting together this Saturday at Smith’s to play their new album Feel Good Now in it’s entirety along with some of their older tunes and covers as well. It was just released on Monday so if you go you’ll be some of the first to hear the tunes played live, that’s pretty cool. Check it out on spotify. If you enjoy the timelessness of classic blues and southern rock, this is right up your alley.

We also have Sash the Bash playing Star Bar, the Small Reactions LP release with Fake Flowers at The Earl, and Holy Ghost Tent Revival at 529, all on Thursday! Can’t go wrong with any of those. Cinema Novo (if David Lynch was a band, apparently, sounds amazing) at Rowdy Dowdy on Friday and LIFE at Eyedrum Saturday, for those into sensory emergences.

Again, sorry I’m late with this, still working out some kinks and stuff. Have fun this week! As always, feel free to send me some photos of what you get up to!


The album of the week is Guilty by Dirty Dishes! Based in Brooklyn and fronted by Jenny Tuite, she makes slow moving, atmospheric, and gloomy guitar music, perfect for foggy nights during a walk to the bar after your date bailed at the last minute. Here’s the spotify link, a purchasing link (only $10!), and a cool music video.


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