TWiM: Feb 13 – 19 : Sensual Goth

Boy Harsher

Hello again! Did you watch the Grammys? I completely forgot to, but congratulations to David Bowie for sweeping his categories and to Beyonce for being herself and to Chance for being such an unstoppable force of joy. This is a pretty straightforward week, not too busy but there is definitely something for everyone! Also, good luck to everyone on Tuesday, I’ll either be at The Earl or bowling with single pals. Hit me up if you want to go bowling, I’m dead serious. Alright, here we go!


The Bumbs at Smith’s Olde Bar : Mon Feb 13 : 7pm : $8adv/$10 DoS

  • Good ol’ Nashville rock n roll! The name of their album is 60s Spring Dream and if that sounds nice to you, you’d probably enjoy this one! Kinda laid back, pretty charming, but with a smirk. Similar to The Black Lips, but on the tame side, which isn’t a bad thing. This could be a good pre-valentine’s day date if you like going to shows together, not much else happening.

Naomi Punk at The Earl : Tues Feb 14 : 8:30 : $10 : 21+

  • If you’re looking for a show full of loud, grimy music because you enjoy it, need to distract yourself, or both (like me), this is the place to be! Being from the Pacific Northwest, Namoi Punk have a firm idea of what grunge is and they do not waver from their own slow, driving, dense fog-like version of it. Their show will be a punch in the gut, which some of y’all might need. Newish local band DiCaprio open so make sure to catch them, too!

Boy Harsher at 529 : Wed Feb 15 : 9pm : $5 (!!!)

  • Gosh, this one is gonna be fun. I’ve heard the word “coldwave” used recently, and I guess that describes Boy Harsher, but it’s kind of reductive. Compared to last week’s GosT show, this will be less harsh yet more erotic. Bring out your post-valentine’s sensual goth side, close your eyes, and groove a bit. Russel E.L. Butler plays before Boy Harsher. He says he’s “not techno”, so maybe think deep house. I’m pretty bad when it comes to dance music genres. Local faves Pyramid Club and Big Ded round it out. I didn’t expect to go dancing at the 529 this week but I guess it’s gonna happen.

The Lemon Twigs at Aisle 5 : Sat Feb 18 : 10pm : $12adv/$14DoS

  • I saw The Lemon Twigs a few months ago at the Unicorn and it was definitely one of my favorite shows from last year! Their album Do Hollywood is on semi-regular rotation, too, very memorable, bubbly, sweet tunes with a lot of heart, and their very theatrical performance will be much more at home at Aisle 5 than the unicorn. Here is a fun little sample! They’re on their way to fame so see them at an intimate venue before they get too big!

Love Your City, Rock Your City : Sat Feb 18 : 9am – late : $10

  • The new Atlanta startup Serve to Rock is partnering with Park Pride to do a massive cleanup of Kittredge Park followed by an exclusive performance of Paul Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Years by ATL Collective at City Winery! For $10, you’ll get coffee and breakfast snacks in the morning, wine tasting and the concert in the evening, a shirt, and the opportunity to meet new people and help clean up a lovely park. Doesn’t get much better than that. Space is very limited so buy your ticket in advance! Here’s a link to the tickets and much more information about the event.


I hope y’all find something to do! Kind of a slow week but everything seems pretty cool, I’m definitely going to the 529 on Wednesday, can’t pass that one up. Have fun!


The album of the week is Louie Louie’s debut, Friend of a Stranger! It’s charming surf/garage rock vibe catches your attention from the first organ keys and guitar riff on “Hang It Up” and doesn’t let go throughout. Carefree and groovy, this one will definitely get you dancing in the shower or wherever you listen to music. They’ll be here next week, too! Listen up so you can sing along! Bandcamp, spotify, facebook



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