This Week in Music : June 4 – June 10

Hey y’all, welcome back. Kind of a bummer about the weather during the Candler Park fest, huh? Still, it seemed pretty fun! And shout out to all all my synth pals during the meetup on Sunday, always so cool to see a passionate niche community come together and talk about what they love. Speaking of, Criminal Records has a Comics Book Club! They get together on the third Thursday of every month to talk about a specific book and June’s is Christopher Priest’s Black Panther run! It’s so good and a great way to jump into the Black Panther books or comics in general! And, another quick passionate niche thing, Joystick does regular d&d stuff every Monday and Tuesday night at 7, so if you’ve never played or want to meet a new group, check it out! Finally, for anyone interested in weird theater, the Atlanta Fringe Fest is at 7 Stages, Thursday through Sunday! You have to at least catch one of the performances, they’re always so entertaining. Finally, this week we have BIG BOI on Friday and the rest is pretty straight forward so let’s get to it.

Monday, June 4

  • Shania Twain : Infinite Energy Center : 7:30 $25 – $160
    • There are still $25 tickets left for SHANIA TWAIN. I know it’s in Duluth but SHANIA TWAIN. It’s gonna be such a fun show, bring your mom and have a grand ol time.
  • Pond : The Loft : 8pm : $18
    • If you’re a fan of Tame Impala, this show is a must see, they both swap members so often they’re pretty much the same.
  • Chrome : The Earl : 8pm : $18-$20
    •  Chrome are absolute legends and pretty much invented the industrial rock movement, don’t miss this if you want to catch some live music history. And one of our local favorites, Sash the Bash, opens!

Tuesday, June 5

  • Holders : Under the Couch : 7pm : freeee
    • A good mix of different genres and bands including, WSA, Feverest, Fevergreen, and Destination Dimension. Kinda progressivey, kinda noisy, tons of fun for sure. And free
  • Evil English : The Bakery : 9pm : donations, probably
    • This is a weird bill, we got gothy synth rock from Evil English, theatrical clarinet folk music by Loudermilk & Moon, some solo percussion and indie folk, too!
  • Shilpa Ray : Georgia Theater, Athens : 8pm doors : $7
    • One of my new favorites, Twisty Cats, open! They’re groovy new wave and if you like Shilpa Ray or punk/garage in general, this is definitely a good reason to make a lil trip to Athens!

Wednesday, June 6

  • Peach Kelli Pop : Drunken Unicorn : 9pm doors : $8-$10
    • SUMMERTIME JAMS! Peach Kelli Pop are Canadian and they play fun rock n roll bops. To make the night even better, our dark wave pals Low Valley Hearts open! If you want to impress a date, bring them to this show, they’ll probably think you’re cool if you dance around. Then after the show, go to MJQ for their free Wednesday night dance party, where nobody has ever made a mistake
  • Blueprint : 529 : 9pm : $10
    • Touring fresh off his excellent new release, Two Headed Monster, the legendary producer will not disappoint. Don’t miss him if you like Dilla, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Illogic, RJD2, you get it.

Thursday, June 7

  • Friends and Family : The Tabernacle : 7pm doors : $20
    • Record Release show! I can’t tell if this is in the Tab proper or in the Cotton Club, which is strange because I thought Cotton Club closed ages ago. Either way, Neighbor Ladt perform and they’re great!
  • Submerge : The Deep End : 9pm : freeee
    • No Eyes plays, and I’m pretty sure I saw them at some tiny house show a few years ago, it was nuts. A dance party with some stellar visuals, come get your groove on. I still haven’t been here so this may finally be the night.

Friday, June 8

  • BIG BOI : Tabernacle : 8pm doors : $25-$35
  • gothprom : Noni’s : 9pm : free? probably
    • It’s prom but goth, y’all. Come dressed your best, you may be voted prom queen, who knows! occult feminist doom gaze dance pop!
  • Adron : 529 : 9pm : $8-$10
    • If you still haven’t seen Adron perform, please do before she moves away forever to LA. Semicircle and Sad Fish play, too, gonna be a night full of plucky acoustics, island jams, smiles and cries.
  • Torch – 7 Year Anniversary : The Masquerade : 4pm – 3am : freeeee
    • Another free dance party! This one is drum and bass. Come celebrate seven years of dnb with Torch! 4-9 takes place outside in Kenny’s Alley, 7-3am is in Purgatory. This is wild.

Saturday, June 9

  • Celesthesia 1.5: Lightspeed! : The Bakery : 7pm : $10, if you’re dressed as an aliem, $15 if you’re human

    • An absolutely cosmic line up including some of my favorites, LONER, Visitors, and MonteQarlo! For one night only, The Bakery will be transformed into an alien planet, where an intergalactic music festival is being held. Witness the wonder of a distant world, where bioluminescent plants bloom from alien rainforests, crystal outgrowths gleam in magical caves and ancient secrets lie dormant in the glittering expanses of the desert!
  • Wand : The Ear : 9pm : $12-$14
    • Wand are a psychedelic rock band, highly recommend if you enjoy Ty Segall or the heavier stuff from the late 60s. They just put out a fantastic ep a couple weeks ago called Perfume!

Sunday, June 10

Hooray, there’s so much to do! Have fun!


This week’s album is Age Of by Oneohtrix Point Never. Gorgeous avant-garde pop music, one of my absolute favorites of the year so far, like nothing else I’ve heard yet.


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