This Week in Music: 9 April – 15 April

Welcome back! See anything good last week? I couldn’t stop going on about the Street Sects show, it was so wild! The venue was completely full of fog and flashing lights we couldn’t see the stage. The singer was dancing around in the crowd and even had a chainsaw at one point. We were right spooked. Anyway, slow start this week but plenty of this to choose from Thursday on!


Monday, 9 April

  • neoPhonia and Atlanta Chamber Players : Florence Kopleff Recital Hall : 7:30 : free
    • Contemporary music featuring pieces by Martha Bishop, Steve Reich, Mac Richter, and world premieres of pieces by Peter van zandt Lane! Seems pretty unique and it’s always good to support GSU’s School of Music.
  • DiCaprio : 529 : 9pm : $5-7 suggested donation
    • Local indie punk! Parquet Courts vibes. Haven’t been able to see them myself yet but I’ve heard they have great energy. Here’s their recent record if you’re interested! Kal Marks from Boston play, too.
  • There’s always Records of Mass Destruction at the lil5 Corner Tavern, dollar high life and sweet jamz \m/

Tuesday, 10 April

  • Carmen : Midtown Art Cinema : 7:00 : $15
    • The Royal Opera House perform Bizet’s Carmen! Seeing it in a movie theater isn’t quite the same as an opera theater, but if you’ve never seen an opera and the stuffiness and price of a live performance is a bit much, I’d highly recommend giving this a go. And get your tickets for the Atlanta Opera’s performances at the end of the month!
  • Eine kleine KLANGmusik : Florence Kopleff Recital Hall : 7:30 : free
    • More contemporary chamber music! Featuring saxophone and cosmic electronic sounds, sure to be something you’ve never heard before.
  • Buckhead Shaman, Dream Culture : 529 : 9:00 : donation$
    • ~psychadelic rock~
  • Dying Fetus, Thy Art is Murder : Heaven, Masquerade : 6pm : $22
    • Seems like you can probably figure out what you’ll be in for with names like those! Also with Enterprise Earth, Rivers of Nihil, and Sanction.

Wednesday, 11 April

  • Pinkish Black : The Earl : 9:00 : $10
    • Doom/jazz spacey stuff. Dead Register open, I caught the end of their last set a few weeks ago, good stuff! High energy!
  • Titus Andronicus : Hell, The Masquerade : 7:00 : $15
    • Even more indie punk! Pretty sure their recent album A Productive Cough received some mixed reviews because it was more subtle, less brash than previous releases, but I’m sure long time fans will still enjoy it! I’m not too familiar, honestly. Rick from Pile opens!

Thursday, 12 April

  • Yo La Tengo : Terminal West : 9:00 : $28adv $31dos
    • Classic indie rock! Seems like their recent record is doing well and they’re known for putting on a great show, who knows what they’ll cover this time.
  • Out of Darkness: Two Remain : The Balzer Theater : 7:30 : $50
    • A moving two act opera about Holocaust survivors haunted by ghosts of their past. Performances at 7:30 Thursday-Sunday, plenty of opportunities to probably cry! The Balzer Theater is downtown, behind the Rialto.
  • Chelsea Shag : Sports and Social : 7pm : free
    • Chelsea is competing against The Norm to see who gets to play Bonnaroo this year! Sponsored by Miller Lite. Go out and help your pick play a giant festival!
  • Phaeleh : Aisle 5 : 9:00 : $15
    • Minimal, blissful, electronic music. A few comparisons to Burial! Smigonaut and Quicktemper open.
  • The Underhill Family Orchestra : Smith’s Olde Bar : 9:00 : $8adv $10dos
    • From the Alabama Delta! “Join us for a night of dancin laughin and cryin for our first Atlanta show!” This sounds like an absolute joy
  • Teriyaki Noize! : Edgewood Speakeasy : 9:00 : $10
    • Throwback trap music! Get a pass here and you get in for free before 11. This’ll start off smooth and chill but get pretty raw as the night continues. And be sure to check out Nick “Turbo” Benson’s new mural!
  • Egyptian Lover, Gangsta Boo : Drunken Unicorn/MJQ : 10pm : $10adv
    • This is an interesting one, the launch party for Pabst American Pale Ale, a new PBR?? PAPA??? Gangsta Boo slays, so go just for her, stay for the weird pbr and dance music.

Friday, 13 April

  • Friday the 13th!!! spooky
  • Dot.s, Loner : Mammal Gallery : 9pm : $7
    • A couple o’ charming, spacey, dancey lovely local bands. I haven’t seen Dot.s before so I’ll probably be here.
  • The Shut-Ups : 529 : 6pm : $7
    • Early show! Album release! Come get new wavey before the sun sets, then maybe after stick around and seeeee…
  • Blis. : 529 : 9pm : $10adv $12dos
    • The last Blis. show sold out super fast! No sleeping!
  • Torch : Purgatory, Masquerade : 10pm : freeeee
    • free monthly drum and bass show! Pretty fun way to spend the 13th
  • Jukebox the Ghost : The Loft : 8pm : $20adv
    • Their recent album is a big lovable pop record! Reading about the band talk about their new self-titled is pretty convincing, don’t miss this one if you’re even a little bit of a fan.

Saturday, 14 April

  • WRASfest 2018!!! : Mammal Gallery : 6:30 : $10, $7 for GSU students
    • Come celebrate Album88! Lineup will be out soon! I’ll try to keep y’all updated.
  • Lorde : Infinite Energy Center : $39.50 – $99.50
    • Mitski and Run the Jewels open. Some friends have seen her already and were absolutely floored, so if you can, definitely go!
  • Charolastra, Flohr : Space 2 : 10pm : $5
    • Lots of different djs and visuals from Analogzilla!

Sunday, 14 April

  • The Decemberists with Tennis : Coco Cola Roxy : 7pm : $40-$70
    • Doesn’t seem sold out yet and you get a free digital copy of their new album with a ticket purchase! If you haven’t been to the Roxy, yet, this would be a great show to see there for the first time.
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic : Tabernacle : 8pm : sold out
    • Sold out, unfortunately, but if you’re lucky enough to snag one, definitely take advantage! His live shows are legendary.

That should do it! If anyone goes to see Out of Darkness please let me know how it is. Pretty weird mix of classical music and dancing, hopefully you can find something interesting! Oh, and just so you don’t miss these ones, on Monday the 16th, Dave Davies of The Kinks will be at City Winery and Screaming Females at the Masquerade.

The album this week is is our very own Loner’s, In The Tides of Time. Art rock, baroque pop, politically charged, and full of cosmic soul. Great live, too! Here’s a spotify link and their bandcamp page


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