This Week in ATL, Cinco de Mayo!

MONDAY: Free day

Keep a sharp eye on that 8Arm Insta-feed over the next few days. I have a feeling the team over there is gonna be turning it up all week long! I love going over here and getting some of the most wonderful spins on classic cocktails Ive experienced in the city, as well as that “L8arm menu” burger!

Krog Street Market

Hop City at Krog Street is featuring some amazing wine from “The Fableist Wine Company” super tasty new stuff coming out of Paso Robles! This is a great fun way to taste new and different wine for FREE! at 5;30pm.

Visit one of my favorite sushi spots. These guys are killing the sushi game with amazing and traditional Japanese cuisine. They keep their soy sauce in spray bottles so that you cannot abuse and over use soy for your sushi, keeping with the “less is more” tradition of the Japanese style of cooking. They have an outstanding bar program as well. Ive never had one cocktail there I didn’t immediately consider a new favorite. (ON WEDS ONLY) They feature a fun Jazz band and pair cocktails with food and music, its so swanky!

(Sherry, Not just your grandmas thing.)
For those of you who want to “Treat yo self” check out Kimball house’s ” Lustau Happy Hour. Lustau has long been one of the most versatile and approachable sherries in the business! This happy hour will feature sherry based cocktails and a sherry tasting and complimentary hors d’oeuvres. You will also have the opportunity to discuss and speak with Lucas Paya, who is a god of all things sherry. This is invaluable! go learn about sherry.

Krog Street Market

Bauernhaus Tasting at Hop City at 5;30pm.
Located in nearby Anderson SC, Carolina Bauernhaus is a farmhouse brewery and winery that produces locally sourced, hand crafted ales, ciders, and meads. Founder Keston Helfrich’s passion for wild, sour, and funky flavors has fueled Carolina Bauernhaus to become the award winning brewery that it is today. Pretty cool to be able to taste some stuff that is rare to the state!

free day

SATURDAY: (Cinco de Mayo!)
Head over to Mega food court, Ponce City Market, for a double header of delicious latino fare!
The ever popular Sean Brock staple, Minero, has promised via their, instgram to deliver some Cinco celebrations. Either way, visiting this place is a win win on any day of the week. The burrito is a life changing thing with crispy, caramelized cheese crusted to the outside of the actual wrap! The wings are phenomenal and the chips and salsa are great, one of the salsas is a traditional oaxacan style made with sesame seeds!
Right next door is the Puerto Rican fav spot owned by All Star chef Hector Santiago, El Super Pan! Santiago plans to do a “Burro Pollo” take over of the space for Cinco de Mayo. Burro Pollo is Santiago’s playful pop up enabling him to go off his menu and do all sorts of fun and crazy things. The man is intensely resourceful and whimsically creative, always creating an environment of pure fun! Get the Guanabana juice (when available) and add a shot pisco, its a new way get your Cinco turnt!
“Cinco de Muchacho”
Muchacho is throwing down from 2-6pm! Lots of delicious tacos, elotes, chips and cheese! Tecate Buckets, shot of tequilas, margaritas, and fun music blasting all day long! This sounds like the perfect pre-game to a long day of drinking on the belt line!

Lets recover from all the crazy Cinco De Mayo fun by grabbing some brunch at Empire State South. Get there after noon so you can take advantage of some of the best cocktails in the city. Have a corpse reviver and drink like a pro! Delve in to the magic of the Huevos rancheros, puffed crispy crunchy rice with salsa verde, black beans, chicken sausage, and a coddled egg on top, double down on that egg for a true delicious experience!

Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez