NERDY SOUTH June 26-July 1

Nerdy South events June 25-july 1st


Howdy-Ho, Nerderinos! We apologise for being a day late and a dollar short this week. Sometimes you wake up with a case of the Mondays. An extremely severe hungover, never-ending explosive whiskey shits case of the Mondays. No regrets is another way of saying you ain’t living it to the fullest. Here’s my picks of nerdy-to-dos for the week before I make sick all over myself again…


June 26th: Tongues Out Puppetry


New Orleans based LGBTQ+ Puppetry ensemble, Tongues Out, presents a free performance of shadow puppet theater at The Bakery. Inclusive & free night of Puppetry. Can’t make jokes at a good night like this. Just go and enjoy!


June 27th: ASIFA MIXER


The monthly mixer for animation lovers and professionals change venues to our old standby of the Joystick. Yup…Joystick just got that much nerdier.


June 28th: Shitfaced Shakespeare


You can impress a special one that you’ll be taking in a night of the finer arts with this performance of Romeo & Juliet…but anyone familiar with Shitfaced Shakespeare will know it’s just another excuse to get, well, Shitfaced. And we call that a Win-Win.


June 29th: The Toasters


There is no musical style more nerdy then ska. Or at least that is what people kept telling me for all the years I spent playing in a ska band. Let the haters hate because you’ll be too busy skanking, Rudy!

Dancing not your thing because you have no soul or too white to maintain a steady sense of rhythm? How about taking a movie outside at the park with your furbabies? If that’s more your speed then check out Bark In The Park’s screening of Best In Show. Furbabies welcomed, turtleneck vests with loafers required.


June 30th: Clownvis Presley


Part clown. Part Elvis. All Taking Care of Business, baby. Don’t miss this opening act for the Blasters at the Earl tonight.


July 1st: AWE


There was a time when pro-wrestling was one of Atlanta’s most favorite past times. AWE is a homegrown promotion who is keeping that legacy alive and well. This ain’t “sports entertainment” spectacle. This is southern fried rasslin’ at it’s finest and it’s still real to me, damnit!


Butch Brosman

Author: Butch Brosman

Balloon Twisting Masked Luchador & Disability Rights Activist.

Former Comic Book Store Manager, Pro-Wrestling Personality, and Electric Ukulele Ska-Punk Frontman.

All in all…a life well wasted.