Nerdy South for April 23rd-29th

Howdy-Ho, Nerderinos! It’s contributing Nerdy South co-writer, Rev. Butch, bringing you the happenings and shenanigans going on around the ATL for the week of April 23rd through the 29th. As always, the city is teeming with options for events. So if you can’t find some kind of trouble to get into then either you aren’t trying hard enough or perhaps you just enjoy being a recluse who collects their own urine in bottles…aged like a fine wine, Howard Hughes approved. Yes, sir…enough cheap pee jokes, let’s get to it shall we?


Monday DBS Mashup!

Ah yes! The grand old collectible card game tourney. Normally a weekend to-do with mainstays such as Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon (yeah it’s still a competitive league thing), if you look hard enough their are still such events happening just about every day of the week. So if you didn’t get your CCG fix over the past weekend, just like my favorite hang-over cure of ‘Never Quit Drinking’, keep the good times rolling! Do your best to reach POWER LEVEL 9000 with this Dragon Ball CCG tourney.

Records of Mass Destruction!

Are you more of a vinyl hipster? Hell who are we kidding?! Abandoning the vinyl format for compact disc was one of the greatest tragedies our generation suffered ranking among 9/11 and the death of Lady Di. Fortunately in recent years, sins are being atoned as the LP seems to be the only viable selling hard-copy music format. Everything old becomes new again. Get your drink on to some tasty vinyl spinning in Little Five Points to start your week right!



Designing Stickers with Adobe Illustrator

Somewhat hidden off a stretch of Memorial Drive, there is a funky little non-profit artist co-op called Wonderoot. Personally I have a deluge of fond memories playing ska/punk shows in that basement. I might be biased, however, but I still feel that the ‘root is one of the ATL’s little spots that is an unsung temples to catering to the local artist of almost any medium. It really is one of the few things in this town that remains to cultivate the local flavor amid the plague of gentrification. This instance they are holding a class on…well as the title simply states…designing stickers!

Drag Bingo Tuesdays at The Deep End

Drag Queens. Bingo. Booze. Three simple points are really all that is needed to sell this one. I really do not need to say more.



ASIFA-South Monthly Mixer

Evidently ASIFA stands for International Association of Animated Film because the French got to it first. The important thing here however is networking with fellow animation professionals, aspiring professionals, hobbyists, or anybody who loves the art form. Every month cartoon lovers can congregate at this hootenanny to mingle and learn.

Writers At The Wrecking Bar

This one is for the literary crowd. Enjoy the fine selection of drinks and eats while taking in an engaging conversation with some of the South’s rising contemporary authors and critics. After the panel, there will be an audience Q & A and book signing. This a monthly recurring event to expand your horizons and culture because being a drunken heathen all time ain’t good for ya.



MCU ATL, Avengers: Infinity War Special Screening


The Life and Death of Richard II

Now that I have regained my composure…If the new Avengers film doesn’t float your nerd boat (COUGH! BLASPHEMY! COUGH!) take in some classic theater at the Shakespeare Tavern as they continue their series of the Bard’s historical selections with their production of RICHARD II. Go be high brow if you must. My fat ass will be adorned in cosplayed spandex of different sorts.



Haunted Pub Crawl: Freaky Friday’s

With a grand old city such as Atlanta, there are bound to be a fair share of paranormal legends. So why not combine the spooky with your Friday night drinking binge as you take a guided haunted tour? Now if only we can somehow eliminate all that pesky walking and I’ll be set!

WonderComedy Presents Chris Charpentier & Dave Ross

Live comedy can be like good BBQ. Sometimes you’ll find the best out of some low-key unsuspecting hole-in-the-wall environment. Underground. Guerrilla. Raw. Intimate. It may not be a big flashy marquee kind of event, but that doesn’t mean you won’t leave with memories of good times and new favorites.



Inman Park Parade & 10th Annual Gnome March World Record Attempt!

You gotta love festival season and the Inman Park Festival is one of the biggest blow-outs in town. It’s going down this weekend and parades are hard to beat. Just like Guiness World Records. While taking in all the usual festival festivities, why not join the parade dressed as a garden gnome? Every year there is an attempt to set the world record for  “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Garden Gnomes”. Do it for glory. Do it for honor. Do it for the irresistible sex appeal.

Level 1 Venomous Course

As all good nerds know, knowledge is power. And poisonous reptiles are just plain awesome. So why not take the opportunity to learn about how to handle poisonous reptiles? Probably because you were too uptight to join the gnome party…



Food-O-Rama O4W

Dare I make mention of yet another congregation of food trucks? Damn skippy! I’m fat and I love food truck parties! Beats the normal stagnate hot pocket in-between rounds of Counter-Strike…

David Bowie Tribute Night & The Armorettes

Our final offering for the week is a double-header of GLAM. Two different events. Two different venues. Enough cosmetics to kill an entire laboratory full of stray puppies.

Take in all the Bowie you can handle:

Unleash your inner queen with The Armorettes:


That’ll wrap up the Nerdy South for this week. Tune in same nerd time, same nerd column, for your weekly to-dos.




Kristopher Bolz

Author: Kristopher Bolz

Kristopher is the founder of NerdLanta, a nerdy themed event company. He’s also the host of NerdLanta Live and Love Nerds, both shows take place at Joystick Gamebar. He loves Horror movies, comic books, stand up comedy, and bowling.