Nerdy South! Feb 3 – Mar 5

Now that you have made it to Friday, let’s take a look at what’s going on this weekend. Also, I’m happy to announce that Atlanta Movie Tours has provided me with several gift certificates to giveaway as prizes to you guys. I’ll have to think of a good contest soon! If you have any ideas, send them over to Also, the promo code ‘ATLTODO’ is effective now for $5 off any tours with Atlanta Movie Tours.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Improvised Dungeons & Dragons at Dad’s Garage – Fri, 2/3 at 8pm

Such a great idea for a show…makes me wonder if someone else came up with this concept before? hmmm. Improvised Dungeons and Dragons opens Feb 24th but the show runs every Friday at 8pm! It is a journey into the Realm of Improvised Nerdery! An improv comedy tribute to the classic pen-and-paper RPG, guided by our Dungeon Master and featuring a stalwart band of Player Characters, played by the Dad’s Garage cast of improviser.

Rocky Horror Pub Crawl #2 (Atlanta) – Fri, 2/23 at 7pm-2am

Plaza Atlanta (an Atlanta landmark and the city’s longest continuously operating movie theatre), Lips Down On Dixie, inc. (Atlanta’s premiere ROCKY HORROR performance troupe) and (producer of Atlanta’s biggest and best geek-themed adult events) combine forces for the 2nd annual ROCKY HORROR PUB CRAWL (21+)

This event will incorporate multiple pubs along the Virginia Highlands stretch of businesses, leading right up to the final stop at the Plaza Theater for a Midnight live performance of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW with Lips Down On Dixie, inc. (just 250 Full Event tickets available!) Break out your best Magenta, Rocky or Frankenfurter, strut your rocky pride high and come celebrate a cult classic that just turned 40 years and is still going strong.

Saturday Morning Cartoons at Joystick Gamebar – Sat, 2/4 at 12pm  

Do you ever miss the days of footie pajamas, prizes in the bottom of the cereal box and sitting in front of the TV on Saturday mornings, watching hours of programming made just for you? Come to Joystick for another edition of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Some of your favorite games will be on Free Play for the afternoon! Serving Ashley Sue’s Baked Goods breakfast treats, like homemade pop tarts & cereal bars. Bloody Marys & Mimosas to sip on while you enjoy the classic programming from back in the day. This month we’ll also have some local Girl Scouts slingin’ cookies! Pajamas also highly encouraged.

Cardboard*Con at Westin Peachtree Plaza – Sat, 2/4 at 7pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         So, this is a thing…good to know. I moved into my new place not long and still have plenty of boxes laying around, so maybe I’ll put together a Robocop costume and check this out. Oh yeah, it’s completely Free too! Cardboard*Con is the world’s most affordable science fiction / fantasy convention, and the first dedicated to the art of cardboard costuming. Accidentally founded in 2010 by Captain Drew of the original cardboard troopers, Cardboard*Con has gone on to attract tens of devoted attendees and such guests as Cardboard Boxxa Fett(ucinni). Held annually in downtown Atlanta, Cardboard*Con is a family-friendly “traveling” convention which spans several convention hotels over the course of 5 hours, providing a significant positive economic and spiritual impact on the city as a whole. They will meet up at Meehan’s Irish Pub at the Westin Peachtree Plaza at 7:00pm. You can view the entire schedulee online.

Monster Jam at Georgia Dome – Sat, 2/4 at 7pm 

There’s nothing else like the smell of gas, dirt, cigarettes, cheese burgers and whiskey to get me excited. I haven’t been to Monster Jam since I was 7 years old or something, but I remember it smelled great…oh, and the show was lot’s of fun too. I got to bring home a program book, and my old brother ruined it with Garbage Pail Kids stickers. Featuring: Grave Digger, Max-D and a whole bunch of other trucks. Tickets start at $20.00.

Love is in the Air Fireside Gathering at Battle & Brew – Sun, 2/5 at 8pm 

It’s time again for another Fireside Gathering at B&B! Registration starts at 5pm, match starts at 6pm. Cafe is open from 12p-5p on Sundays. Line for Hearthstone starts at main entrance. Upon arrival you can register for the tournament at the Gaming Desk. You will need to put down your Name, Blizzard IGN (BattleandBrew#0313), and e-mail. You will need gametime on your account in order to participate. We offer a special $12.50 (half price) Blizzard All Day pass at gatherings, but you can choose to do hourly or upgrade to a regular all-day pass or MOBA pass if you want. Prizes will be Blizzard swag or House Cash.

Mario Kart 64 tournament at My Parents’ Basement  – Sun, 2/5 at 8pm                                                         

Who doesn’t love this game? Come join a bunch of fine folks over at My Parent’s Basement and take your road rage out in a full on Mario Kart 64 Tournament! If only dropping a banana peel out of my car window could have the same effect in real life as it does in this game.


Atlanta Movie Tours                             

Atlanta Movie Tours takes visitors as well as locals to all the great locations used in TV shows and movies filmed in Georgia! The Walking Dead, Hunger Games, Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man, and more. Touring in luxury coaches, trivia contests with prizes, famous quotes and more are all part of the experience! Atlanta Movie Tours is ranked #4 of 51 activities in Atlanta. Book a tour today!                                                                                       


Kris Bolz

Author: Kris Bolz

Kristopher is a producer of entertainment events in Atlanta & talk show host. He is the DJ and co-producer of 8-Bit Comedy Night, and Host of NerdLanta Live. Both shows are at Joystick Gamebar. He loves Horror movies, comic books, stand up comedy, and bowling.