Nerdy South: Feb 18 -19


The Weekend, February 18th and 19th

Saturday, February 18th

Hey everyone! I’ve been sick for the past couple of days, so I couldn’t really provide you with anything for the weekend until now. Anyway, here’s some fun stuff to do. I’m gonna get back to coughing, sneezing, and feeling mostly lethargic.

Rock Band Karaoke at Joystick Gamebar – Sat, 2/18 at 10pm

Grab yourself a Bourbon Coffee frosty drink thingy from the bar, and then head on over to the back event room for some Rock Band Karaoke! Fog machine, laser lights, and you with a fake guitar. Hosted by Sean Luke. Every Thursday & Saturday night starting at 10:00pm

Whispers of Atlanta – Stained Love at My Parents’ Basement – Sat, 2/18 at 6 PM

I have no idea what this is all about, but it sounds cool…and I like Vampires. This is the February edition of Whispers of Atlanta. If you’re an experienced player in the vampire larping scene or if you just want to try it out, message them, and they will set you up with what you need to get started.

The Ex-Files at Highwire Comedy Co. – Sat, 2/18 at 8pm

“It’s not you, it’s me.” Or was it you? The truth is out there, and luckily your favorite detectives, Sculder and Mully, are on the case. Solve all your dating mishaps and mysteries while enjoying this sketch revue from Change Purse, a Highwire house team. Tickets $12.50 online|$15.50 at the door. Advance tickets: CLICK HERE. Please note that online ticket sales end 1-hour prior to event. We accept cash/credit/debit at the door.

Sunday, February 12th

Board Game Day at Joystick Gamebar – Sun, 2/19 at 12PM – 6PM

If you or someone you know has played boardgames, is an enthusiast, or is curious about the amazing experience that is tabletop gaming, then come out to Joystick Gamebar for happy happy fun times.

Bring a board game, card game, role playing game, war game, improv game, social game, or pretty much any game you can play on a tabletop. If you want to bring more than one game, then please do so! Open to all ages for the duration of the event. There is food, beverages, and plenty of space.

Dinner & Korean Movie Feat: Oldboy (2003) at Gaja Korean Bar – Sun, 2/19 at 9pm

Gaja & Videodrome have come together to bring you an awesome series of Korean Movie nights! They will be showing the award winning film OLDBOY! directed by Chan-wook Park (Not the crappy Spike Lee remake)

This film definitely has graphic violence, sexual content, and disturbing imagery. Food service will end at 10pm. They will have Oldbay seasoned popcorn. Don’t forget to stop into Videodrome for all your Korean and regular movie needs!





Kris Bolz

Author: Kris Bolz

Kristopher is a producer of entertainment events in Atlanta & talk show host. He is the DJ and co-producer of 8-Bit Comedy Night, and Host of NerdLanta Live. Both shows are at Joystick Gamebar. He loves Horror movies, comic books, stand up comedy, and bowling.