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Krog Street Market

Another amazing and FREE line up of great wines for you to try at Hop city at Krog street from 5-7pm! This week they are featuring wines from South Africa! This should really peak he interest of those of you who enjoy fruit forward wines with bold flavors.

The Porter Beer Bar in Atl’s Lil’ Five points is one of my favorite places to grab some great beer and good snacks! This place has one of the best selections of craft beers in the city! This week they are featuring 7 taps of IPAs and Stouts from “Knee Deep” brewery! Grab some fries with loads of garlic and herbs or the golden fried goat cheese with honey to go with some of those awesome IPAs!

One of my new favorite places to escape while still being in the city is “The Deep End” cocktail bar. This place is great for some frozen drinks or great beer and cocktails! The neon lights and fun atmosphere transports you to something reminiscent of Miami. While you’re drinking all your troubles away be sure to order some of their delicious tomatillo tamales! These tamales are made with bay leaf and tomatillo salsa, adding that sour and savory kick, perfect for rounding out a great pre-game to a wild Thursday night!

Here is a new pop up you absolutely must try! Created by local chef and badass Maricela Vega, this pop up focuses on mexican american cuisine sourced locally! Vega is a master at harnessing the flavors of the south and of her home in a Guanajuato Mexico. She is a little tricky to find but when you do, eat everything she makes!


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Continuing to always discover new and delicious things on Buford hwy, I finally made it in to Ming’s BBQ! This place is wonderful! A straight forward menu with lots of options, including Honey Pork and Roasted Duck! These are definitely on the “Don’t miss” list. Equally amazing is their selection of noodle dishes. The Chow fun is particularly great with your choice of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, you really can’t go wrong! Dot forget to add veggies as well, salted snow pea greens or garlic eggplant go along way, so bring some friends and go nuts!

I love this place for a nice start to my Sundays. They have wonderful Counter Culture coffee and some of the best damn tacos you’ll ever taste. The tacos are all made in house all the way down to the tortillas (flour or corn), and feature delicious pickled veggies, get more than two, they are worth it! ¬†Aside from great tacos they have delicious and refreshing poke and toast options. The salmon toast with avocado is amazing! with their massive patio and dog friendly atmosphere this is turning in to one of the best spots on the belt line.

Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez