Judah Friedlander Brings The New Stuff To The ATL

ATLtoDo catches up with the hilarious Judah Friedlander in support of his show, April 11th at Relapse Theatre.

Fresh off his critically acclaimed feature length stand-up performance film “America Is the Greatest Country In the United States” (Netflix), Judah is embarking on the first leg of his 2018 world tour. Much of the new material Judah is doing on his new tour still satirizes how the USA is dealing with the major human rights issues of the world. This tour will not feature any of the jokes from his current stand-up special “America Is the Greatest Country In the United States” on Netflix. This is all new material.


Photo: Phil Provencio


Your new tour is called “NEW STUFF & CROWD WORK TOUR 2018”, can audiences expect the experience of your “America Is The Greatest Country In The United States” (on Netflix) in person?

My new tour is 100% different material than what was in my current stand up special on Netflix. So it’s all new stuff.When I talk about different human rights issues some of the same subjects might come up but I’m doing all new jokes.

You are known for your amazing crowd work, can you describe the experience of doing long form crowdwork to a non performer?

I don’t think I’m good at describing that experience but it is a lot of fun and unpredictable in a great way.

You describe your Netflix film as an ‘anti-special’ and it is radical in its departure from the longform specials coming out, what was the inspiration behind it and do think other comic’s will explore format more?

Well I view stand-up comedy as a very simple art form and by that I mean technologically it is very simple it’s just a person a microphone speakers and then other people watching and listening. So it’s actually very old-fashioned what it comes to technology. And since then up comedy is a simple art form I thought it’s best to film it in a simple way. And I think like jazz stand-up comedy is a small art form and by that I mean as in the size of the venue and the amount of people in the audience I think stand-up comedy is best when the venue is intimate. I don’t know anyone who would want to go see jazz at an arena or a stadium instead of going to see Jazz at a small intimate nightclub.

You are coming up on 30 years doing stand up comedy (I read your wiki), what would Judah of 1989 have to say about Judah of 2018?

Well I’ve been saying for years that my role model is me in the future. So he would probably say “cool… that’s me”.

This is not your first time in Atlanta, what do you like to do when you are in town.

Well Atlanta has great food so I love that. And I always like checking out independent bookstores as well as thrift shops and as far as thrift shops go the larger and cheaper they are: the better. Oh and I will also be looking for different places to play ping pong. And if I was in town when they were having a game I would like to go see Atlanta United FC.

Best comedian our readers never heard of but should?

There are so many but I will mention my friend Ted Alexandro who is a great comic very unique in his delivery and point of view.

Favorite way to waste a day?

I’m not into wasting anything. But i do think that thinking about different types of burritos for hours and hours and hours is productive.

Worst advice you have ever received?

There have been so many and they’re still are so many  people who are ready to give bad advice . But I remember  20 years or more ago someone said to me “Why don’t you cut your hair? And shave?! Don’t you want to be on “Friends””? And I said I don’t want to be on “Friends”.

Worst advice you’ve ever given?

I always give perfect advice. But I only give advice if someone asks for advice.

If your comedy was an endangered species, what endangered species would it be and why?

This is reminding me of a school assignment. So I’m going to skip it. But I do wish that we did not have any endangered species.

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Catch Judah Friedlander tonight at Relapse Theatre 8pm –Tickets $20



Ian Aber

Author: Ian Aber

Ian Aber is a writer and stand up comedian out of Atlanta Georgia, His comedic style mixes stand up and fast paced story telling, drawing the audience into his outsider view of the world. Smart. Engaging. Energetic and Sweaty are all words used to describe him. Ian is one of the producers of Date Night, every second Tuesday at Argosy, Teen Dream: A High School Themed Variety Show, Back Story : Comedic Storytelling and Conversation every Thursday at Relapse Theatre at 8pm and Surrogates : You Tell The Jokes & The Comedian Pulls The Strings monthly at Relapse Theatre.