It’s too hot not to eat!

Another great oyster happy hour! Ration and Dram is one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants with amazing food that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Well composed dishes, delicious cocktails, and a great patio make this place such a gem. Treat yourself to #abuckashuck oysters on Mondays and don’t forget to order one of my favorite things in the city, the Totooine, a very playful take on the melty, saucy, dreamy, french fry concoction from our canadian friends, only this ones gots TOTS!

Here’s another new addition to ATL family of great places to hang out and diversify your cocktail palate! Poor Hendrix has a such an easy, laid back feel, you find yourself just wanting to hang out there for hours. The menu is so simple and tasty, it has that sort of tapas feel where you can just order everything a little at a time until you finally decide to get that delicious chimichurri chicken and float away in the bliss of juicy, flavorful awesomeness. They also offer a Barfly Special on Tuesdays, follow them on instagram @poorhendrix to see what dish is offered and also they offer a delicious tartare with Zapps chips every Tuesday!
(Half Priced Wine Bottles On Monday)



WING WEDNESDAY… You WILL NOT find a better wing deal in the city! Mother has some great buffalo wings and cheap beer! As many spots on edgewood tend to do, Mother scratches that itch of just wanting to be out and having a good time. They host many up and coming and hard working DJs, so the atmosphere is always very high energy and “live.” They usually carry a few local treats on tap and cycle through them pretty regularly! Go out and be 23 again, its more fun than you think!

Right next to the afore mention “Poor Hendrix,” Mary Hoopas house of fried chicken and oysters sits and does those two things very very well! Come for the chicken (order half hot and half sweet) stay for everything else, get some clam wraps and gumbo, both are great here, as well as a plate of grilled oysters with fermented lemon, what more could you ask for? This place nails the aesthetic of slightly elevated low country.

Ever been Duckpin bowling? Well, now you can! The Painted Duck is a great space for curating a fun and memorable friday night. There so much good here I’m not sure where to start. The menu features things like Duck nuggets (yes, you heard me!), Duck Phat fries, Beef Jerky and Fried chicken skins, as places to begin this food fun journey. Moving in to a whole section on the menu where its just stuff grilled on sticks! I never want to leave! Bonus, the cocktails and wines here are phenomenal! This place is definitely the place you bring your “Non-ATL” friends to and show them how this city plays!


Krog Street Market

Goose Island will be hosting a tap takeover at the bar at Krog Street Market! I don’t know about you but I could drink Goose Island IPA all day. They will be showcasing 7 taps of incredible and hard to find Goose Island brews as well as rare and fun purchasable stuff in the store. Head over there and get your daytime drink/saturday pregame on! starts at 11am!

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Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez