Improv and Sketch Weekly – June 4 – June 10

On this beautiful week of great weather…schools are out…traffic is light…and improv and sketch are in full effect. Embark yourself into some of the best that Atlanta has to offer in the art of ‘make-believe’. They are in full season this week. Enjoy this week’s highlights:

June 7

  • Ladies Night – 10:30pm @ Village Theater- The competition Sketch show that is not to be missed. If you want to join 150+ people to watch great sketch and sprinkle in the top comedians in the city this is the Show for you. It’s the First Thursday every month and it is not to be missed. And yeah, it’s hilarious all the way around.
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June 9

  • Good Evening tonight – 8pm @ Highwire Comedy: Cap off your week with Highwire’s news team! Enjoy a late night comedy show that pays homage to the past, paves the way for the future, and keeps you up to date with the present.
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  • Bilgrone Effect & Co-workers – 9pm @ Village Theater. Two amazing groups perform back to back on the Black Box stage of Village theater. Bilgrone Effect is a duo team that is full of life with an bevy of characters that go on display for audiences. They play very well together and in the end, there’s a lot of love and tons of laughs. The Co-workers, winners of the ATLIF Improv battle are on the bill for a great mono-scene based on one suggestion as coworkers. They are a super talented duo with the spirit of Del Close running through their veins.
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June 10

  • Benjamin Franklin, American Giggalo – 8pm @ Dads Garage. Since you couldn’t make it to Hamilton, this little piece of Americana is just as hilarious with an amazing cast of improv superheroes that include Amber Nash, Matt Horgan, and Karen Cassady.
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Author: Yoshee

Yoshee is a comedian, consultant and a cool dad who now calls Atlanta home after transplanting to the city as a trophy husband. Some describe his comedy as ‘truth slingin’ with a mix of personal introspection. Yoshee combines his take on everyday nuance with the absurdities of life’s responsibility and fatherhood. Yoshee is a founding member of the improv, sketch and stand-up comedy troupe Red Pill Players. You can catch their shenanigans every Tuesday at Relapse Theater in west midtown.