Hey good looking’, whatcha got cooking?

I always find myself in the mood for some good Q, and Das BBQ is climbing the charts for me. This place is simple and great! I mean let’s be real here, most BBQ restaurant menus are the same, and Das is no different, so we have to look for the talent in the smoke, and thats where these guys shine. They manage to bring out a nice sweet smokey flavor in all their meats. Personally I like the brisket. Its so juicy, and the sauces are perfect. Check em out!


Krog Street Market

Another amazing FREE tasting at Hop City! Do you like cider? Of course. Who doesn’t? Hope City is featuring  Atlantas own Urban Tree Cidery! These guys have some amazing and delicious ciders, and everything is made right here in the A! Owners Tim and Maria Resuta are huge community activist and do a lot for our city, so come and try some of their cider and make it a new fave.

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What? Staplehouse?! The impossibly difficult restaurant to get in to because its so good? Yes! well not technically. Upstairs at this amazing establishment you will find the “Paper Crane Lounge.” This place has all the love, gratitude and warmth of Staplehouse with a slightly smaller menu (no tasting menu available here). They offer a wide array of incredible craft cocktails and the food is, of course, to die for. Don’t forget to take advantage of the “first come first serve” aspect of the patio as well. These warm summer nights are the best for a crushable cold glass of wine or cocktail!

(NO WEBSITE) El progreso  1460 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
So many of you already know, but for those of you who don’t El Progreso is one of the best hidden gems in the city. These guys have some of the best tacos I’ve ever had! I love their Al Pastor tacos and the Cabeza tacos, and kicking them way up with hot jalapeños and spicy salsas only to be refreshed by some of the best horchata in the city! Its pretty nondescript, just hiding in the back of a little store but when you find it you’ll never forget it!



There so much I can say about everything these guys do, and so to add to that list let me mention that guys also crush the brunch the game! This is the place to go when you really wanna turn your brunch up to the next level. Hawaiin sticky bun for breakfast? yes please! Also don’t miss their Scotch egg, its a total rock star, and always an all star line up of fresh oysters, cocktails and even caviar service, because who wouldn’t want the option, I know I do. Easily one of the best brunches in the city!

Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez