Getting Woke With Wake Up Comedy Show

Got another “All Up Ian Your Business” this week with Amber North and Krystle Pierce’s new show  “WAKE UP“, a showcase comedy show with woke tendencies.  Amber is also the host and creator of the wildly successful “Grrrl’s Night Out” a monthly show of women only (and the occasional fella) comedians that many doubted would be around long and just celebrated its 1 yr anniversary.  Find out about the show, the show runners and go out, get woke and support live comedy,


About The Show

Show Name: WAKE UP
Frequency: Every second and fourth Thursday  (Next Show This Thursday 2/23)
Location: Murmur Gallery, 100 Broad Street

What makes your show different and fun?
It’s a bit of a variety show. Krystle and I start off with a slideshow breaking down certain topics not typically addressed at a comedy show – pretty much any headline dealing with the current White House administration. Then we have a musical guest to serve as a break between comics’ sets.

Name drop any “drop­ins”?
No Drop ins yet

What makes a great audience member?
Our audience have been great each show, and it’s because they’ve been hungry for comedy with a biting truth to it. It’s always a great time when an audience is supportive of a new show with a different concept.

Tell us a lie that will entice people to your show.
Migos might drop in and perform their hit Bad and Boujee

About The Show runners

How long have you been doing comedy?
Amber: Three years
Krystle: Four years

Who are your Current comedic influences?
Amber: Natasha Leggero, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Che, Aziz Ansari
Krystle: Aziz Ansari, Issa Rae (mainly I just relate to her and enjoy her show), Dave Chappelle, Patton Oswalt

Who were your Childhood comedic influences?
Amber: Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Bernie Mac, any Def Comedy Jam comic
Krystle: Patrice O’neal, Bernie Mac, Dave Chappelle, and Sinbad

If your comedic style was a new Axe body wash, what would it smell like and why?
Amber: The woods because I stay so deep in my thoughts.
Krystle: Golden Corral (Your guilty pleasure but it’s so good)

Why live comedy?
Amber: It’s been the most rewarding experience for me. I’ve become a better writer, comic and person since doing it. I grew up watching stand-up comedy and remember how amazing I’d feel afterwards. Nothing like being enlightened and amused at the same time.
Krystle:  (She didn’t answer this one because you should already know the answer)

Ask yourself a question here:
Amber: What’s one of your favorite movies that no one expects you to love?
Krystle: What keeps you going?

Answer that question here:
Amber: Dude, Where’s My Car?
Krystle: Knowing my full potential

Describe your show in 3 words:
Amber: Informative, ill, intelligent
Krystle: Unifying, Exciting, and Unexpected

If you life was an Infomercial what would it be selling?
Amber: Pot-pourri
Krystle: Fantasy Beer (Harry Potter and Lord of the ring Themed)

Best beverage to pair with your show?
Amber: A tall glass of Black Girl Magic.
Krystle: What she said ^^

If you farted into a wormhole and it connected to the face of any person in all of time space, who would you want to smell your fart?
Amber: Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton so I can stop confusing them.
Krystle: Oh dear, that is deep my farts are quite horrible, Mike Pence

Describe your nipples?
Amber: Black Like Me
Krystle: Hershey Kiss

Salty or Sweet?
Amber: Salty
Krystle: Sweet

“Yes and” is to Improv as _____ is to Stand Up Comedy “
Amber: “What else?”

Celebrity Crush?
Amber: Mahershala Ali
Krystle: Jeff Goldblum

No, I meant Celebrity you want to see crushed.
Amber: Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton, that way I’d really stop confusing the two. (They’re both tall, pale and overrated)
Krystle: Taylor Swift

Least favorite trend in social media?
Amber: I went to school for newspaper journalism, so most, if not all, of it. But to name one – turning the pound symbol into something way lamer.
Krystle: Paid followers

Other than stand up comedy, what makes you laugh?
Amber: White people calling out other white people’s bullshit is the funniest shit ever, man.
Krystle: My son

Complete this statement, I would __________ but I already _____________?
Amber: consider finishing this statement, moved on.
Krystle: eat, ate

Tell us one last thing that will make everyone love your forever, be specific:
Amber: I’m a cat whisperer, and cats love me. I don’t think there’s anything else to aspire for??
Krystle: I am a great listener

Ian Aber

Author: Ian Aber

Ian Aber is a writer and stand up comedian out of Atlanta Georgia, His comedic style mixes stand up and fast paced story telling, drawing the audience into his outsider view of the world. Smart. Engaging. Energetic and Sweaty are all words used to describe him. Ian is one of the producers of Date Night, every second Tuesday at Argosy, Teen Dream: A High School Themed Variety Show, Back Story : Comedic Storytelling and Conversation every Thursday at Relapse Theatre at 8pm and Surrogates : You Tell The Jokes & The Comedian Pulls The Strings monthly at Relapse Theatre.