Eating in to that summer bod!

Free day! Big Thanks to all the men and women who gave their lives for this day.


Krog Street Market

FREE Wine tasting! Let’s keep it going for more free wine and wine education! This week Hop city is featuring the “Chronic Cellars” wine selections. A delicious winery out of Paso Robles, the Beckett Brothers focus on bringing the flavors of the best grapes, or “Chronic” grapes of the harvest. Really cool stuff and right up your alley if you’re into new California wines.

A cozy little eatery tucked in to a walkable and fun area of Inman Park, “One eared Stag” offers a diverse of array of seasonal fare with a southern flare. Off the menu, be sure to order the “Meat Stick”, their fun play on a double stack burger, as well as $1 dollar raw oysters and hi-life pony bottles from 5-7pm. This place reminds you that good food doesn’t have to be that serious, just have fun and enjoy! Be sure to bring some friends and order one of everything!


Krog Street Market

We are back at Hop City at Krog for more of their good charity, a FREE beer tasting! This week they will be featuring Carolina Bauernhouse, a farmhouse brewery and winery out of Anderson, SC! These guys are wonderful with delicious balance and rustic tones to their brews! You don’t want to miss these guys. Go taste for yourself!

Bringing back a Friday favorite, the team over at El Super Pan are doing “Placita” again! This is a fun way to start your night (at 7pm) or wrap it up (at 11pm). Delicious snacks, Don Q, and “DJ Florista” make for a great little mini party and the perfect way to transport yourself from your everyday life to your vacay life!

Feeling like a fancy french brunch but without all the pretention? Head over to Bread and Butterfly where you can dine on incredible pastries and wonderful coffee, as well as one of the best French Dips I’ve ever experienced! The menu is fun and simple and rounded out with perfectly provincial wine selections which you can enjoy before 12:30! This Beauty and the Bistro is a don’t miss.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these guys crush the taco game! Sunday is a perfect night to rub elbows with some of the hardest working industry folks you’ll ever get the chance to share a Tecate with! The place fills with line cooks and chefs alike from all over the “A” getting their fill of incredible handmade tacos, filled with just about anything you can dream of! Get the Tacos Al Pastor (pork and pineapple heaven) and thank me later.

Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez