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Highland Ave

Here’s an ATL neighborhood fave that never lets me down. Get the fresh fried pork rinds and elotes to start, these two things go hand in hand for me, I love grilled corn and pork rinds fried so fresh they are still popping when they hit the table. These guys also manage to throw some asian flare in the game by doing coconut lemon grass as a sauce on their wings and ribs and it is awesome! Throw in a bucket of corn bread and some of the best damn green beans you’ve ever had and you’ve got yourself a perfect Tuesday evening. Don’t forget the banana pudding!

Happy 4th Everyone! Kimball House hosts one of the best 4th of July parties in the city! Buckets of beers from 3 Taverns, Crab legs, Shrimp, buttery awesome Hawaiin roles, Shuck em’ yourself oysters, and all kinds of other goodies will be available inside and on their patio, which is perfect for checking out the downtown Decatur fireworks! See you guys there!


Krog Street Market

Another great FREE beer tasting opportunity for you guys! 5;30pm the bar will begin offering a great line up of some of the best Belgian-inspired ales in the states from Allagash Brewing Company out of Portland Maine. This guys have such delicious flavors and crisp clean finishes, perfect for our crazy hot summer weather.

Ever want to feel like you’re in a “Bond” Film all while drinking delicious wine and eating great food? Check out The Consulate! The interior of this restaurant is mind blowing! The attention to detail is insane. The entire concept rests on the idea of globe trotting and being highly inter-continental, therefore the menu changes with a spin of the globe. The last few months have been focused on Indian fare and the last spin has taken us to China for the next 90 day cycle (which starts this week), but at 10pm on Friday the globe will spin again and we will find out what the new focus of this, fun and very interesting rising ATL star, will be!
In the mood for a classic Prime Rib? Hell yeah, is the answer, and what better place to have a great steak than the always classic, Highland Tap. These guys are so great at curating that neighborhood steakhouse feel. They have a great menu that brings me back to a time when classic items like calamari, wedge salads, and escargot were all the rage. Those staples still hold up here and are perfect.

From the Owners and creators who brought you “Brush” Izakaya, comes Momonoki! This place offers a more casual (as if it could get more casual than “Brush”) Japanese eating environment. Featuring Ramen and Pok√© heavily on their menu, we finally have a place offering one of my classic favorites, the Tsukemen Ramen, a style where in the broth is intensified and served on the side for dipping your fresh hot noodz! These guys are crushing it! Im coulkdnt be more excited about this place. Run don’t walk!


Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez