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This week’s “All Up Ian Your Business”, we talk to the show runners of “Date Night : A Sensual Comedy Experience”, a monthly showcase in East Atlanta that caters to couples and features a wide array of the best comedians in Atlanta, the Southeast and beyond.  I am one of the show runners of Date Night, along with Jen O’Neill Smith and Travis Jones so this article is a bit of shameless self promotion. I’m not trying for a Pulitzer here, just letting the night children of ATL know about this sweet baby of a show and get to know more about the show’s producers.


Poster By : Clara Marina Next show, this Tuesday, February 14th.  Doors 8pm Show at 8:30pm.  $5 Per Couple (THE LOVERS PRICE)


Show Name:  Date Night : A Sensual Comedy Experience
Frequency:  Every Second Tuesday Of The Month. Doors 8pm. Show 8:30pm.
Location: Brigantine Beer Parlor and Recreation Hall (in the Back of Argosy in the heart of East Atlanta Village)

What makes your show different and fun?
Our price for the show is $5 per couple, or as Travis Jones dubbed it “THE LOVER’S PRICE” and folks can order food in the showroom so they can come for a date, drinks, dinner and a show all in one spot. We also work to book comics that Atlanta comedy audiences may have not seen, along with a fresh rotation of the amazing stable of comedians that live in town.  This allows us to focus on building lineups that reflect the diversity of Atlanta while never having to compromise the quality of the show.  Brigantine Beer Parlor has a crazy clubhouse-y vibe and with its giant wall door, you feel like a cool kid in some secret club house with a fun show and full bar.

Name drop any “drop­ins”?
Clayton English Winner of the “Last Comic Standing”
Mia Jackson – Oxygen, TLC, Last Comic Standing
Matthew Broussard – Conan, Comedy Central, Curator of MondayPunday

What makes a great audience member?
One who shows up, listens up, drinks it up and laughs it up.  

Tell us a lie that will entice people to your show.
Every show ends with a build your own Sundae Bar with all the gluten free fixins you can stuff in your face.


How long have you been doing stand up comedy?

Jen: About 2 years
Travis: I’m four years in, baby
Ian : 5 years and change, lot’s of social change, baby!

Who are your Current comedic influences?

Jen: Jen Kirkman, Roseanne, and my kids.
Travis: Paul F Tompkins, Maria Bamford, Dana Gould, Lauren Lapkus
Ian : Baron Vaughn, Sean Patton, Ryan Singer, Jackie Kashian

Who were your Childhood comedic influences?

Jen: Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo, and Ellen. I have all of their comedy specials memorized word for word.
Travis: Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook (YOU SHUT UP I WAS YOUNG), Robin Williams
Ian : Lawanda Page, Jack Benny, Scott Thompson,Paula Poundstone, Margaret Cho

If your comedic style was a mythical creature, what mythical creature would it be and why?

Jen: It would be an Alicorn. That’s a unicorn that flies. I just googled it and it seemed cool.
Travis: I’ve been waiting years to get asked this question. It would be a Phoenix, because a lot of the time you’re like “Wow he’s dying up there… Yup he died. Up in flames.”
But then at the end it’s all like “Oh, wow, look he actually did ok.” Also, I screech a lot in my comedy.
Ian: Self-Esteem and I don’t have to explain myself to you.

Why live comedy?

Jen: As a married full time working mom to two kids, it’s almost impossible to get a word in at home. Live comedy is the only way that I can make people listen to me for ten plus minutes at a time.
Travis: I just feel like straight white dudes aren’t represented often enough in entertainment and it’s important for America to understand our viewpoints. Live comedy in front of a captive audience is a great way for me to help spread the word!
Ian: It’s a lot like music and the experience of listening to an album versus going to a concert.  Comedy is funnier everywhere, but comedy that makes you pee a little bit and laugh ‘til you hurt has got to be live comedy.  We have paper towels handy if you pee at Date Night while supplies last.

Ask yourself a question here:

Jen: Why won’t your son stop talking to you as you are trying to answer these questions?
Travis: Hey did you know you look like an adult Weezer fan?
Ian : Why are you the laziest interviewer ever? A questionnaire?  REALLY?

Answer that question here:

Jen: Because like all men, he wants me to see me fail. I’m KIDDING!! A little…
Travis: Huh! Weird. Most people assume I’m vegan because I’m terrible to talk to.

Describe your show in 3 words:

Jen: Fun. Cool. Romantic. Like me! I am also skeeball, good food, and drinks.
Travis: Sensual. Sexy. Senxual.
Ian:  Thirteen Words Jen

If your life was a sitcom what would be the title?

Jen: Pukes of Hazard
Travis: ‘Seinfeld’
Ian:  Ugh, Straight People

Best beverage to pair with your show?

Jen: Whatever fancy beer they have on tap.
Travis: An ice cold glass of SHUT THE FUCK UP WHILE THE COMICS ARE ONSTAGE. Or a nice red wine!!
Ian: It’s more about volume, so lot’s but please get home responsibly because you won’t be drinking responsibly

If you farted into a wormhole and it connected to the face of any person in all of time space, who would you want to smell your fart?

Jen: I would say Trump, but I feel like he’d like it.
Travis: Point that wormhole right back at me, baby. I got sweet farts and I want em all to myself. What did YOU do to deserve my farts? You’re not the one cultivating them.
Ian:  Whoever is currently reading this, that person….right now.

How many people have you made cry in your lifetime?

Jen: Literally hundreds.
Travis: Nearly everything I do is predicated around trying to make sure people DO NOT cry. But one time, I did yell at a heckler so much that he later sent the venue a handwritten letter to apologize for how he was acting. There’s a chance he cried while doing that.
Ian: Well, Jesus wept that’s for sure.

Curtains or Drapes?

Jen: Curtains. No time for drapes.
Travis: Doesn’t matter, I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF THEY MATCH
Ian: Drapes.  Curtain are for straight people

“Yes and” is to Improv as _____ is to Stand Up Comedy “

Jen: Hurt feelings (are)
Travis: “Who’s drinkin tonight?”
Ian: “What else?”

Cake or Pie?

Jen: Cake
Travis: With all due respect to Paul F Tompkins, I will choose Pie.
Ian: fer eatins or fer fuckins?

Least favorite trend in social media?

Jen: Pictures of berries in white ramekins with the hashtag “breakfast”. Cut that shit out.
Travis: People need to stop giving their cats perms and posting the pictures to Facebook. I swear to god, when I wake up and check Facebook in the morning it is 80% cats with perms. Like, we get it, we all give our cats perms, we don’t need to see your out of focus, poorly lit picture of it.
Ian: Shameless Plugs, which is also the name of my new line of small batch artisanal sex toys made from reclaimed dildo remnants.

Other than stand up comedy, what makes you laugh?

Jen: America’s Funniest Home Videos. It will never stop being funny.
Travis: When a little kid yells about their butt in public, that will always make me laugh.
Ian: My husband.

Complete this statement, If I won a million dollars, I would spend it all on one__________?

Jen: million lottery tickets.
Travis: Nomination to Trump’s Cabinet. That’s about the going rate, right?
Ian: Infinity Buffet

Tell us one last thing that will make everyone love you forever, be specific:

Jen: I used to be a hand model. Coca Cola Fridge pack 2001 campaign? That was me. You’re welcome.
Travis: I ran a coffee delivery business called ‘Java Jones’ when I was 8 and I was featured in multiple local news stories. Those are my only TV credits.
Ian: Everyone love me forever?  SOUNDS EXHAUSTING. Pass.



Ian Aber

Author: Ian Aber

Ian Aber is a writer and stand up comedian out of Atlanta Georgia, His comedic style mixes stand up and fast paced story telling, drawing the audience into his outsider view of the world. Smart. Engaging. Energetic and Sweaty are all words used to describe him. Ian is one of the producers of Date Night, every second Tuesday at Argosy, Teen Dream: A High School Themed Variety Show, Back Story : Comedic Storytelling and Conversation every Thursday at Relapse Theatre at 8pm and Surrogates : You Tell The Jokes & The Comedian Pulls The Strings monthly at Relapse Theatre.