Comedy Highlights: Feb. 6-12

Atlanta has one of the best damn comedy scenes in the country. If you’re looking to laugh (you know, to forget about Sunday night goddamnit), check out one of these shows. 

1. Rotknee Presents at Star Bar – Mon, 2/6 at 9:30pm

Are your eyes still bleeding? Yea, Sunday was another day. Not a great day, could have been better. Don’t drink alone, perk up and remember why you love Atlanta by hitting up its longest-running comedy show, Rotknee Presents at Star Bar. Oh yea, and it’s free ’cause we love you. Doors open at 8pm.

2. 7 Minutes in Wild Heaven @ Wild Heaven Brewery – Thurs, 2/9 at 7pm

So Thursday’s going to be quite the humdinger. Plenty of shows going down on Thursday including the second edition of Atlanta’s newest brewery show, 7 Minutes in Wild Heaven. Seven comics grab the mic for 7 minutes of jokey-jokes at 7pm (get it?). Support local comedy and local brews because ATL is still the best damn city in the country. Doors open at 6pm. Doggos welcome.

3. News Flash @ Village Theatre – Thurs, 2/9 at 9pm

Make it a double Thursday and race cross town to the Village Theatre for another News Flash. It’s like a live Weekend Update style topical joke tournament held at VT’s new second room, only this is better because Colin Jost won’t be there to ruin it. Stupid Jost. Paige Bowman hosts alongside guest co-host Katie Hughes. Doors open at 8:30pm. $5.

4. Emo Philips @ Laughing Skull – 6 shows, Thurs thru Sun

He’s back again, check out comedy icon Emo Philips at the Laughing Skull all weekend. Jay Leno called him “the best joke writer in America.” The veteran stand-up will headline six shows, Thursday through Sunday and it’s a safe bet to say some, if not all, will sell out.


Wake Up @ Murmur – Thurs, 2/9 at 8:30pm
Comedy on Draught @ Three Taverns Brewery – Thurs, 2/9 at 5:30pm
Tommy Blaze @ Punchline – 7 shows, Thurs thru Sun
Scruncho @ Uptown – 7 shows, Thurs thru Sun
Chris D’Elia @ Center Stage – 2 shows, Fri, 2/10
Best of the Best @ Relapse Theatre – Sat, 2/11 at 8pm
1AM Secret Show @ Smith’s Olde Bar – Sat, 2/11 at 1am


Author: Olivia

Olivia is an Atlanta-based stand-up comedian and writer. She loves comedy and pretty much only talks about it, Legos, and baseball and their many disappointments. She also curates