Cheers! This week I’m doing some drinking (and eating) May 7 through May 13



The weathers great for some wine and a patio, so head over to Barcelona and take advantage of that award winning wine list with half priced bottles! This offer is only good on Mondays and is an incredible deal! They have delicious tapas and a knowledgeable staff that help you the find the perfect bottle to round out your meal!


Krog Street Market

As usual everyone, a wonderful FREE  wine tasting from Hop city at Krog street at 5;30pm! They feature some amazing wine and usually taste through a series from one vintner or vineyard going you the opportunity to truly understand the perspective of the maker! This is one of the best values in the city and theres always something to learn!

Overtime I find myself at T-club I have the best time. This week they are hosting an incredible wine tasting event, with Jon-David Headrick. This “party” will be focusing on wines with really incredible acid structure and food friendly flavors! If you really wanna treat yourself (or your moms) this week, thesis how you do it! Great price and killer wines!


Krog Street Market

Giving us another great option for the week, Hop City at Krog street is offering a FREE tasting from the Huyghe Brewery located in Melle, Belgium, Also known as Delirium! Besides the “Tremens” that we all know so well, these guys have a varied selection of brews that are all amazing! Come see for yourself, starting 5:30pm. (This will also be happing at the West midtown Location on Sunday at 1pm!)



Get some friends and Family together and take a small trip OTP to one of my favorite spots, Porchlight! Created by head chef and owner Andre Gomez, Porchlight specializes in Puerto rican fare, and chef Andre doesn’t disappoint! A full menu of fun and delicious things like the Duck confit fried rice, or the plantain empanadas, this guy knows food like no one else, also if you really want to get down PR style, call two days (or more) in advance and order an entire roasted pig! You’ll need some help to eat this meal but it is incredibly worth it!

Ever feel like you’d love to be invited to swanky dinner party? Head over to Golden Eagle and sit back and relax in atmosphere that feels like a different time with classic cocktails and amazing food! While you’re kicked back in one of their couches or love seats be sure to order some beef tartar or the liver pâté, these young and talented chefs really know how to upscale some classics and make them so approachable and fun. Enjoy some garlic knots or crab rangoon as well, and do be sure to grab a cocktail, like an amoretto sour or Gisbon with these guys. the Classics never tasted so good!

SUNDAY: Happy Mother’s day to all the Moms out there!
Time to get Mom some awesome brunch and where better to do that than the General Muir! Chef Todd Ginsberg out does himself here at his jewish delicatessen, with incredible smoked and cured salmon preparations and amazing bagels! Get the Lower East Side platter if you’re a fan of a “build your own lox on a bagel” sort of experience, otherwise have blast choosing any one of the curated “Avenue” bagels. Grab some of the best Poutine I’ve ever experienced here and wash it down with one of their amazing cocktails! this place is sure to bring  smile to your Moms face, but make reservations asap, they tend to fill up fast!

Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez