From ‘Down The Ramp’ to ‘ROM-Comedy’ : Relapse Thursdays Celebrate 1 Year After Theatre’s Return

This week’s “All Up Ian Your Business” we look at the return of Relapse Open Mic (or ROM-Comedy as I heard the showrunner call it once) and one of its host, the venerable Trey Dunn. Trey is an easy going fella on and off stage but is known in the Atlanta comedy scene by audiences and comics alike as one of the most consistently funny folks out there.  This week the mic, every Thursday at 9:30, is celebrating its one year anniversary and its new format of comedy then karaoke dance party after every show.  The open mic is part of a whole night of entertainment happening at Relapse on Thursdays, starting with BackStory at 8pm, hosted by yours truly and Lace Larrabee.  Check out the interview and then check out the show tomorrow night!


Show Name: Relapse Open Mic
Frequency: Every Thursday 9:30
Location: Relapse Theater

What makes your show different and fun?
We run an open mic format where everyone goes up! We range from 30-45 comics doing 2 to 3 minutes. It’s very fast paced so you’re watching comics get straight to the punchline (hopefully). It’s also in the basement of an old church. I’ve never been to heaven, but I would imagine stand up comedy happens in the basement of churches there. I’m trying to say our show is like heaven on Earth. But with more profanity. You will leave a changed person.

Name drop any “drop­ins”?
TJ Miller, Sean Patton, Mary Lynn Rajskub

What makes a great audience member?
Obviously you have to listen, but also have an open mind. This is an open mic where comics are trying new ideas and trying to make them funny. Sometimes it works and a lot of times it doesn’t. If you can sit down and accept that we’re going to sometimes fail, then you’re going to have so much fun!

Tell us a lie that will entice people to your show.
Every comic that goes up absolutely destroys the room!


photo by Ben Manning


Name: Trey Dunn

How long have you been doing comedy?
10 years

Who are your Current comedic influences?
Bill Burr, Gary Gulman, Nate Bargatze, Tim and Eric

Who were your Childhood comedic influences?
Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld, Zach Galifianakis

If your comedic style was a new Axe bodywash, what would it smell like and why?
It would smell like every lie I’ve ever told onstage.

Why live comedy?
You gotta live in the moment and there’s nothing more in the moment than seeing live comedy.

Ask yourself a question here:
Why are you still doing this?

Answer that question here:
Great question! Next…

Describe your show in 3 words:
Oh. My. God.

If your life was an Infomercial what would it be selling?
The paint that makes the fan boat float in that one infomercial. I feel like I’m going through life on a fan boat and at some point it’s going to need to be patched up.

Best beverage to pair with your show?
Anything you buy at the bar will pair well at our show! BUY ALCOHOL AT THE BAR!

If you farted into a wormhole and it connected to the face of any person in all of time space, who would you want to smell your fart?
Jeff Goldblum

Favorite Local Comedian.
Dan Weeks (or whatever name he signs up with at the mic)

Salty or Sweet?

“Yes and” is to Improv as _____ is to Stand Up Comedy “
Is that the light?

Celebrity Crush?
Emma Watson

No, I meant Celebrity you want to see crushed.
Rupert Grint

Least favorite trend in social media?

Other than stand up comedy, what makes you laugh?

Complete this statement, I would __________ but I already _____________?
I would go to the doctor, but I already looked on WebMD and apparently there is no cure.

Tell us one last thing that will make everyone love your forever, be specific:
If you come to my open mic and mention this interview, I will buy you a beer!

That’s it for this weeks “All Up Ian Your Business”, thanks for reading and supporting Atlanta Comedy. Check out all of ATLtoDO for the best fun, funky and sometimes free stuff to do inside the fruit loop (We used to call the perimeter the fruit loop).  Just get out and go see some live comedy. You deserve it.