BackStory : Stand Ups Telling Stories Of Failures And Glories

This week’s “All Up Ian Your Business” we catch up with Lace Larrabee one of the hosts of BackStory, a weekly storytelling show at Relapse Theatre, every Thursday at 8pm. BackStory mixes, comedic story telling, interview and stand up formats to create a unique laid back comedic experience for the audience and where huge laughs come from the conversation. For comics, shows like BackStory help develop stories for other stages. At most mics, you get 4 or 5 minutes and that format works best for shorter jokes. At BackStory the sets are 10 minutes and the show has 5-6 performers capping the run time at an hour but it allows performers the ability to stretch out a story and get get feedback from the audience and the host as they ask questions and make jokes about the story.  Greg Behrens, a frequent comedian on the show commented “Backstory is great for finding the tightest way to tell your story, and the hosts have a knack for keeping you on track, or sometimes better, inquiring about details you might not have thought important.”

Larrabee also produces and hosts the weekly Sunday 9pm Open Mic at the Punchline. Lace is the perfect mix of great delivery and impeccable joke writing and can be seen all around Atlanta and the country as a result. Check out the interview and check out the show, Thursday at 8pm.

Show Name: Backstory
Frequency: Weekly, Thursdays, 8pm
Location: Relapse Theatre

What makes your show different and fun?
It’s a combination of storytelling and stand up comedy, all in an hour!

Name drop any “drop­ins”?
Rodney Perry, Dulce Sloan, Jarrod Harris

What makes a great audience member?
Smart, great sense of humor and very attractive.

Tell us a lie that will entice people to your show.
Someone gets naked at every show.

About The Show Runner

Lace Larrabee

How long have you been doing comedy?
5 years

Who are your Current comedic influences?
Maria Bamford, Janeane Garofalo, Kathleen Madigan

Who were your Childhood comedic influences?
Ellen Degeneres, Robin Williams, Roseanne

If your comedic style was a Reba McEntire song, which song would it be and why?
“Fancy” because it’s white trash, yet classy.

Why live comedy?
It involves all the senses.

Ask yourself a question here:
Why haven’t you done more with your life?

Answer that question here:
Lay off me, I just got up from a nap!

Describe your show in 3 words:
Intimate, genuine, unpredictable,

If your life was a sitcom what would the title be?
“Forever 31”

Best beverage to pair with your show?
The alcoholic kind.

If you farted into a wormhole and it connected to the face of any person in all of time space, who would you want to smell your fart?
A rich guy who would pay me a lot of money for said fart.

Best way to waste a day?
Netflix and couch naps

What makes a good storyteller?

“Yes and” is to Improv as _________ is to Stand Up Comedy “
“You can use this in your skits”

Celebrity Crush?
Leonardo DiCaprio

No, I meant Celebrity you want to see crushed.
Alex Jones

Other than stand up comedy, what makes you laugh?
ABC’s The Bachelor

Complete this statement, You can never have enough of ________
ABC’s The Bachelor spin-offs.

Tell us one last thing that will make everyone love your forever, be specific:
I make incredible guacamole.


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