Beer, Wine, Noods, its what’s for dinner!

Hey there folks who don’t wanna hurt any animals, this ones for you! Harmony Vegetarian Chinese is awesome! These guys have some of the best noodle dishes I have ever had and easily the best scallion pancake in the city. All that being said, don’t be afraid to branch out and try the “chicken” dishes, they are so good and made with different soy products and are oddly passable as meat!

Once again “The Porter” in L5P is welcoming another new brewery to ATL! Support flavor, Boycott bland and try some delicious new brews from “Desthil Brewery.” These guys come to us all the way from Normal IL and focus on all styles of american brewing, offering a wide array of styles and flavors. Let’s see what they’ve got for us!


Krog Street Market

Another great FREE tasting for you guys at Hop city at Krog St. Welcome local newcomer “Of the Earth Brewery” from our friends in Roswell. These guys are going to be showcasing their Golden Ale, IPA, and Hefeweizen. Stoked to give some more ATL brewers a try.


Treat yourself! Its friday. Make some resos and get a table at one of my fave restaurants in ATL. Chef Bruce does it like no other with hand made or extruded pastas at Boccalupo. There isn’t a single thing you should skip on this menu. I can’t get enough of the shaved ham and pineapple marmalade dish with warm flat bread and perfect house made whipped ricotta. If you want to just let their incredible staff and chefs do their thing, get the tasting menu and sit back, relax and get welcome the pasta coma.


Dames and Dregs Beer Festival

Super excited about this fest! Masquerade is hosting a huge beer fest focusing on all things female and lady in the brewing world, from Lady brewers present, past and future to powerful women in the industry in general. This promises to be a great fest at a great price!



Here’s one of the best breakfasts in the A. These guys kill with things like Pimento cheese and sweet bacon omelets, Challah Bread French toast and shrimp and grits. These guys present a menu that is completely customizable and delicious. So many house made items and comforts and perfect for a Sunday brunch with absolutely wonderful bloody mary’s. Also offering some of the best most fluffy biscuits I’ve ever enjoyed. See you there!