Arcadia Open Mic : Weekly Rooftop Comedy In L5P

This week’s “All Up Ian Your Business”, we are getting all up in Arcadia Comedy, a weekly Wednesday night open mic in Little Five Points and it’s hilarious show runner Kyle Gillis.  One halloween, I asked him to be on the now defunct “Hot Mic” (the best open mic in a gay bar ever!) to sing “Werewolves of London” so he is up for anything and his show is definitely worth checking out.   The show space is the rooftop of Camelis and it is one of the best views in the city to enjoy while watching a comedy open mic and eating pizza.


About The Show

Show Name: Arcadia
Frequency: Every Wednesday sign up 8:30 / Show 9pm
Location: 337 Moreland Ave Ne (Above Cameli’s L5P)
Cost: Free AF

What makes your show different and fun?
I buy all my comics Miller Highlife because they’re not just comics on my show, they’re guests at my party. That’s my mindstate the whole time I’m hosting. I forget who said it, but some comic told me hosting is less like headlining and more like hosting a party. If you remember who it was cut out that last sentence and just credit them. Make sure everyone is having fun, make sure everyone is drinking, redirect the subject if a guest makes it kinda racist.

Name drop any “drop­ins”?
Matthew Broussard – Conan, Comedy Central, Curator of MondayPunday
Lavar Walker – Last Comic Standing, BET

What makes a great audience member?
Be open to the idea of having a good time. You don’t have to show up in the perfect mood or even be aware comedy is about to happen. Just be open minded. It’s my job to impress you, not the other way around.

Tell us a lie that will entice people to your show.
I’m very famous. TMZ famous.

About The Show Runner

photo Ben Manning

Kyle Gillis

How long have you been doing comedy?
3 years

Who are your Current comedic influences?
Andrew Wright, Todd Barry, Doug Stanhope, Eric Andre

Who were your Childhood comedic influences?
Stephen Wright, Mitch Hedberg, Doug Benson, 90s-mid 2000s SNL

If your comedic style was a mythical creature, what mythical creature would it be and why?
A unicorn because it is a rare treat to see it

Why live comedy?
It’s a more immediate way of getting ideas out than playing music. I’ve played music since I was a kid, but I really like writing jokes more. I can write a joke now and go tell it on stage later tonight to see if it works.

Ask yourself a question here:
Why are so many people incapable of making lasting friendships after high school/ college?

Answer that question here:
After college you’re not really obligated to hang around a bunch of people your age who all live in your neighborhood for several hours a day. Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t have a chance to set in with your co-workers or neighbors. You’ll have to learn to be cool, friendly, and interesting. For only $225 my 8 week course will teach you all of that and more. If interested email

Describe your show in 3 words:
Real as fuck

If you life was an Epic Poem what would be the title?
The Chilliad  (BEST ANSWER EVER – Ian)

Best beverage to pair with your show?
Miller Highlife

If you farted into a wormhole and it connected to the face of any person in all of time space, who would you want to smell your fart?
Joe Arpaio

Complete This statement: ___ in the streets and _____ in the sheets
I am not yet in the Streets and definitely still in the sheets

“Yes and” is to Improv as _____ is to Stand Up Comedy “
“Yes and” is to Improv as “did you ever notice how…” is to Stand Up Comedy “

Cake or Pie?

Least favorite trend in social media?
Cooking videos that take elaborate steps to make parking lot carnival style food. It’s like teaching people how to drive by only showing them step by step videos of horrific car accidents.

Other than stand up comedy, what makes you laugh?
Pranks and goofs. I love Eric Andre Show, Nathan for You, and Impractical Jokers.
Complete this statement, If I won a million dollars, i would spend it all on one Kickstarter pitch video.

Tell us one last thing that will make everyone love your forever, be specific:
I’m a real nice young man.

Ian Aber

Author: Ian Aber

Ian Aber is a writer and stand up comedian out of Atlanta Georgia, His comedic style mixes stand up and fast paced story telling, drawing the audience into his outsider view of the world. Smart. Engaging. Energetic and Sweaty are all words used to describe him. Ian is one of the producers of Date Night, every second Tuesday at Argosy, Teen Dream: A High School Themed Variety Show, Back Story : Comedic Storytelling and Conversation every Thursday at Relapse Theatre at 8pm and Surrogates : You Tell The Jokes & The Comedian Pulls The Strings monthly at Relapse Theatre.