Who are we?
How did we get here? This is not our beautiful house!

ATLtoDO is the best little curated event site with listings by week, day and topic in an easy to navigate format on all platforms.  Started during the Snowpocalypse of 2014, by founder Cain, as a list of open bars and restaurants to help ice trapped Atlantans, it then grew into covering music, comedy and more over the years.  While the site has started and stopped a couple times, it has been sold to a local promoters, Ian Aber, and this reboot is for keeps.

ATLtoDO’s philosophy is that it should not be so hard to find something to do in Atlanta!  So rather than list every event in the city, they gather event listings from their contributing writers, people involved in the communities they cover, and give you the best of the best for you and your friends and family to check out. 

ATLtoDO is also expanding its offerings to include a new Food section, covering the best food event, new restaurants opening, cheap eats and hidden gems in addition to live music, stand up comedy, improv comedy and “nerdy south”, trivia nights, gaming events and all things comics, movies and the like.

Whether you are looking for something to do on date night, a new spot to eat to or somewhere to rage all night and day drink all day, ATLtoDO has got you covered.


Ian is a comedian, writer, show producer and owner of ATLtoDO.

Favorite Bar: Star Bar Email: Ian@ATLtoDo.com
Favorite Restaurant: Homegrown 
Favorite Venue: Laughing Skull Lounge


bio-oliviaOlivia is an Atlanta-based stand-up comedian and writer. She loves comedy and pretty much only talks about it, Legos, and baseball and its many disappointments. She also regularly contributes to TheLaughButton.com and curates atlantacomedy.tumblr.com.

Favorite Bar: Star Bar Email: Olivia@ATLtoDo.com
Favorite Restaurant: The Albert Twitter: @OhhCathcart
Favorite Venue: The Hangar

AJ is a goofball who thinks he’s cooler than he actually is. Usually found reading comics at a bar, seeing a show, or getting his ass handed to him in smash bros. Loves watching movies, having hard opinions on things that don’t matter, and being cute.

Favorite Bar: Estoria Email: AJ@ATLtoDo.com
Favorite Restaurant: Herban Fix Twitter: @AJMichell
Favorite Venue: Star Bar


Kristopher is a producer of entertainment events in Atlanta & talk show host. He is the DJ and co-producer of 8-Bit Comedy Night, and Host of NerdLanta Live. Both shows are at Joystick Gamebar. He loves Horror movies, comic books, stand up comedy, and bowling.

Favorite Bar: Joystick Gamebar Email: Kris@ATLtoDo.com
Favorite Restaurant: Cook Out Twitter: @NerdLanta
Favorite Venue: 529


Vas is a beloved chef, comic, and man about town, and is best known for his Ramen pop up “Everybody Loves Ramen” and for his over 20 years of dedication to working in the hospitality industry. Most recently he can be found talking beer and telling jokes at his monthly show “7 Minutes in Wild heaven” at Wild Heaven brewery. Vas will be ATLtoDO’s food guru.

Favorite Bar: Email:
Favorite Restaurant: Twitter: 
Favorite Venue:


Yoshee is a comedian, consultant and a cool dad who now calls Atlanta home after transplanting into the city as a trophy husband. You can catch Yoshee performing stand-up, sketch and improv weekly at Relapse Theater in west midtown. He is 1/9th of the culturally diverse comedy troupe, Red Pill Players, who tour and teach improv across the country.

Favorite Bar: Sports And Social Email:
Favorite Restaurant: Highland Bakery Twitter: @DJYoshee
Favorite Venue: Relapse Theatre



We can be reached via Facebook or Twitter, and you can send in messages on our contact page.


Our Founder


Cain started the site during Snowpocalypse 2014 and  curates most of the daily events while usually plagiarizing their descriptions. In his spare time, he likes to watch live music, cook food, and catch F*R*I*E*N*D*S re-runs. He works as a programmer.