Eating good in my neighborhood!


Super stoked to see one of my favorite ATL Que spots opening another fun location. You can get all of your favorite Fox Bros. goodies all while checking out SweetWater or grabbing some coffee at near by East Pole coffee and Roastery. I would totally recommend having some breakfast here! These guys definitely know how to get the day started right with one of their smoked country sausage or pimento cheese biscuits and signature jelly or amazingly good honey butter, you can’t go wrong.


As I mentioned above, Eastpole Coffee is an incredible new up and comer to our growing brewing and roasting scene. These guys bring in beans from all over the world and roast them on site! They are very passionate and nerdy (in the best way) about their coffee. Feel free to stop in and learn about ¬†coffee in some of their many classes (also known as “cuppings”) and begin your journey in to a beautiful world where you no longer need to support horrible coffee tycoons like “Starbucks” and can focus on more nuance, flavor, technique and helping our fellow farmers. These guys are wonderful!


The Porter is hosting a “IPAs For Days” featuring 4 one off kegs from Scofflaw Brewery, one of ATLs IPA Slayers! Scofflaw Always manages to pack a punch in all their beers. With those nice high ABVs you can bet this will be one place I plan on stopping in to for a nice pre game!

Krog Street Market

Another great beer event this week is the free tasting over at Hop City Krog! This week they are featuring a classic. Left Hand Brewery will be stopping in with some great new seasonal stuff and some oldies but goodies. The line up hasn’t been officially announced yet, but I have yet to have something from Left Hand that I didn’t think was just delicious so be sure to check this out.

Now here’s a fun date night with some friends. Head over to Donetto and grab some delicious Italian treats. This place keeps to some of those classic flavors that I love. Things like Sweetbreads Marsala, (do yourself a favor and get into sweetbreads) or Veal carpaccio, these are items that used to be on every menu back in the day and have since been replaced with lots of wilder and crazier things thanks to incredible chefs like Thomas Keller and Grant Achetz, its nice to see a return to something simple. ¬†The tagliatelle is super tasty, but if you’re really feeling like taking this date to the next level, then get the Steak Florentine for 2. Its so tender and delicious and perfect with the salsa verde, the flavors rock together.

Who loves mimosas? One Earred Stag still remains one of my favorite spots to grab a saturday brunch (hangover cure) in the city! Also grab a redneck mimosa, yeah you heard me, they are great and fun way to start your Saturday. Do yourself a favor and order the chefs breakfast too, its one of those perfectly composed dishes, complete with some sort of awesome biscuit sandwich, a slab of some sort of cured and smoked pork, glazed with some sort of sweet heaven sauce, a stack of something like buttery pancakes or waffles, toast with something cured or smoked or fishy and a good ol’ Schlitz! It’s some sort of wonderful.

Guys, one more big shot out to Talat Market. This is the best Thai food in ATL! They are almost done wth their kickstarter campaign to open a brick and mortar building in the city to bring you guys the freshest, and bestest Thai ALL THE TIME! If you love Thai like I love Thai, take a minute and see what you can do to help! Also Chef Parnass really likes to bring the creative flow to a peak on Sundays so if you haven’t gone over there yet, do it now! His ever changing menu of locally sourced Thai food is unreal. Order as much as you can and be sure to BYOB. PRO TIP: Riesling is Thai foods BFF. Grab a bottle of something from Germany (preferably at a wine store i.e. not a grocery market) and treat yourself to the dynamics of fruit and acid battling rich and spicy!

Vas Sanchez

Author: Vas Sanchez